Barco is a strong brand known for its technology leadership in digital visualization in three healthy markets: Healthcare, Enterprise and Entertainment. Building on sustainable advantages Barco has established global leadership positions in all of these markets. 

At Barco, our strategy acts as a guiding light: it defines how we play to win in our markets. To accelerate progress towards our vision, we redefined our strategic levers in 2022. Our renewed strategy now comprises three levers: 'Capture profitable and efficient growth', 'innovate for impact' and 'Go for sustainable impact'.


Visioneering a bright tomorrow

At Barco, we believe truly great engineering starts with a clear vision. A vision of a better, smarter, healthier world.

Through our visualization and collaboration technology, we accelerate the brightest minds in Healthcare, Enterprise, and Entertainment to create a bright tomorrow.

Why choose Barco?

  • Sizeable international tech company
  • Leadership position in selected markets
  • Large install base with strong customer loyalty
  • Solid financial results with opportunity for efficiency
  • Focused strategy to become a hardware + software + service company
  • Over € 200 million net cash position
  • Consistent dividend policy

Strategy & objectives

To accelerate progress towards our vision of a bright tomorrow, we have defined strong strategic levers to capture profitable and efficient growth, to innovate for impact, and to go for sustainable impact.

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Press releases

Financial calendar 2024

Start of quiet period to 4Q23 and FY23 resultsTuesday 2 January 2024
Announcement of results 4Q23 and FY23Thursday 8 February 2024
Conference call on the results 4Q23 and FY23Thursday 8 February 2024
Publication Annual Report 2023 (subject to final approval by
Executive Management and the Statutory Auditor)
Thursday 8 February 2024
Start of quiet period prior to 1Q24 Trading updateTuesday 2 April 2024
Trading update 1Q24Tuesday 23 April 2024
Annual General Shareholders MeetingThursday 25 April 2024
Start of quiet period prior to 1H24 resultsMonday 1 July 2024
Announcement of results 1H24Wednesday 17 July 2024
Conference call on the results 1H24Wednesday 17 July 2024
Start of quiet period prior to 3Q24 Trading updateTuesday 1 October 2024
Trading update 3Q24Thursday 17 October 2024

Please note Barco’s IR policy regarding interaction with the financial community during silent periods:

Barco observes a silent period of four weeks prior to an earnings results announcement date to prevent disclosing earnings information and to ensure equality. According to Barco’s IR policy, during the silent period, Barco will refrain from answering questions or giving comments related to recent financial results, outcomes and performances. However in these periods, our IR team remains available and is still allowed to have conversations with the financial community to discuss topics such as long term objectives, structural market insights, long term corporate and business strategy…

In addition, in cases where the possibility arises during the silent period that business performance could deviate significantly from the already announced forecast, an appropriate disclosure will be made in accordance with the timely disclosure rules (Belgian code on Corporate Governance). Please note that even during the silent period, Barco will respond to questions within the scope of already released information.

Roadshow calendar 2023

Interested in meeting with Barco? Below you will find an overview of the planned roadshows and conferences.

Should there be any interest in these events, please contact us via

Please note that all events, dates and locations are subject to change without notice at any time.

Roadshow Brussels10 February 2023
Roadshow USA (virtual)
13 February 2023
Roadshow London
14 February 2023
Roadshow Paris15 February 2023 
Berenberg EU Opportunities Conference - London                      14 March 2023
Roadshow Zuerich21 March 2023
Roadshow Milan22 March 2023
VFB Happening - Ghent25 March 2023
Degroof - Petercam Benelux Conference - Madrid29 March 2023
Roadshow Frankfurt3 May 2023 
Roadshow USA22-23 May 2023
Berenberg US Conference - Tarrytown24 May 2023
KBCS Flagship Conference "New Horizons" - London8 June 2023
Roadshow Helsinki13 June 2023
ODDO BHF London Conference22 June 2023
ING ESG Conference (virtual)26 June 2023
Roadshow Benelux (virtual)19 July 2023
Roadshow Paris20 July 2023
Roadshow London21 July 2023
ING Benelux Conference London6 September 2023
Autumn Conference Kepler Cheuvreux14 September 2023
Roadshow Stockholm26 September 2023
Van Lanschot Kempen Conferece London22 November 2023
Belgian Day in Paris Degroof-Petercam23 November 2023
KBCS Paris Conference on Sustainable Cities - Paris30 November 2023
Berenberg European Conference Pennyhill4 December 2023
KBCS Small & MidCap Conference14 December 2023

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Analyst consensus

DISCLAIMER: Barco NV is not responsible and cannot be held liable in any way for the accuracy, completeness or validity of the information, figures, calculations or assumptions that have led to this overview. The figures indicated as 'consensus' do not in any way represent Barco's financial expectations nor can this be considered to be a forward looking statement by Barco.

    Analyst coverage

    Company AnalystLatest recommendation Target price Latest update
    ABN AMRO ODDO BHFStefano ToffanoOutperform 25 € 19 October 2023
    Bank Degroof Petercam saKris KippersBuy 20 € 25 October 2023
    BerenbergTrion ReidBuy 19 € 16 November 2023
    De BeleggerGeert Smet   
    Flemish Federation of Investors and Investor ClubsGert De Mesure   
    INGMarc HesselinkBuy28 € 16 November 2023
    KBC SecuritiesGuy SipsBuy25.7 € 16 November 2023
    Van Lanschot KempenNikos KolokotronisNeutral 23 € 18 October 2023
    Kepler CheuvreuxMatthias MaenhautBuy 16.75 € 16 November 2023

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    Shareholder structure (situation as per 30/11/2023)


    The dividend is set by the Board of Directors and subsequently proposed at the Annual General Meeting of shareholders at the end of each fiscal year.

    • Board believes that consistency and reliability towards the investment community is key, and considers a consistent dividend pay-out as a key contributor, reflecting the long term confidence in the company & its future growth and opportunities.
    • The Board wants to also protect the strong balance sheet of the company and Barco’s capability to invest in the future.

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