19 août 2021

Which benefits can you get from our healthcare services?


Did you just purchase a new Barco medical solution? Congratulations! Have you been using one for a while already? We hope it serves you excellently. Or … are you still in the process of looking for a new medical sytem?

Whichever of the above fits your situation, we want to offer you peace of mind when it comes to warranty and support in both maintenance and management of your Barco displays. Read on to discover our range of safety nets for optimal performance!

In a two-part blog series, we dive into our warranty and service options. Read on to learn all about our service offerings! And click here to find last week’s blogpost about our warranty and warranty extension programs 😉

Protect your investment with EssentialCare

For all Barco medical displays

Last week, we introduced our warranty policy. EssentialCare goes one step further in protecting your medical display. EssentialCare is all about keeping interruptions as minimal as possible: it ensures accelerated help in case an error pops up. You can rely on swift, upfront replacements when that’s necessary, and on prioritized handling of your issue.

With EssentialCare, you get priority access to our helpdesk and upfront swaps in case a replacement product is needed. That means we’ll send you a new monitor right away, without waiting until you’ve returned the defective one – so you can continue working as soon as possible. Transport in both directions is included, so you can avoid unexpected costs running too high.

If you’re a customer using Nexxis and/or our software solutions for surgery, you can enjoy the same benefits for updates and upgrades.

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Optimize your diagnostic display fleet with ConnectCare & ManagedCare

For all Barco radiology, mammography, pathology, dentistry & clinical review displays

For our radiology, mammography, pathology, dentistry and clinical review displays, we also offer a next level of services. ConnectCare and ManagedCare are designed to support you in the management of a small, medium-sized or large fleets of displays – for instance, all those belonging to one hospital or healthcare organization. So these services are not just about technical support for one display, they largely comprise of the tools and insights that help you get the most out of your whole fleet. They’re a Barco quality label for installed base management.

ConnectCare and ManagedCare are built on QAWeb Enterprise, our QA & compliance platform of which you’ll get a professional extension. We implement for you the QA-compliancy regulations, guidelines, or recommendations that are applicable to your organization’s region.

Included are also a more elaborate warranty for your displays, advance troubleshooting done by our experts, and insights into usage of individual displays. This last one helps you get a better view on how your displays are used, so you can plan their use smartly. In short, ConnectCare and ManagedCare help you optimize your total cost of ownership with absolute peace of mind!

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Reliable and efficient management of multiple operating rooms and facilities, with NexxisCare

Remote monitoring software for the digital OR

Last but not least, we also offer a software solution for remote management of Barco Nexxis visualization infrastructure in digital operation rooms. Whether you’re an OR integrator or any other medical equipment vendor, keeping track of multiple operating rooms becomes more challenging every year. An increasing number of surgical appliances are being digitalized, as technology offers keeps sprouting new solutions. However, it's important that medical teams are not distracted by that: they should be able to keep focusing on what's most important - the patient.

We offer NexxisCare as a software subscription, which you can use to track all Nexxis visualization equipment you have in your operating rooms, on multiple campuses and even across different countries.

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Do you have more questions about our services? Don’t hesitate to contact your Barco representative!