28 sept. 2023

ClickShare firmware 2.17 focuses on great, flexible user experience with improved automatic switching and advanced layout for 21:9 displays

2 min de lecture

As an IT administrator, you will love implementing ClickShare because it brings a unique, single user experience to every meeting space. It does not matter if you are starting from an empty room, a room with a wired setup or even a fixed conference room. As the most flexible solution on the market, ClickShare accommodates different scenarios, setups, users, and technologies, with a great user experience.

With the 2.17 firmware update, the ClickShare Conference CX-50 2nd generation allows anyone to host video calls or share content from their own device, thanks to the automatic switching from an in-room video conferencing system to Bring Your Own Meeting mode.

With ClickShare everyone can truly love meeting.

What’s new?

- Automatic switching from room system to BYOM experience for collaboration bars ànd modular setups 

- Advanced layout for ultrawide screen (21:9): the best view on content and people side by side 

- Start your meeting stress-free with HostFlow in Zoom meetings

- Configure room availability in the new XMS Cloud 

- Simplified mass deployment of the ClickShare App and optional drivers.

Take a deeper dive into the new features

1. Enhance flexibility in fixed conference rooms with ClickShare’s room switching for both collaboration bars and modular setups

Upgrade to firmware 2.17 to unlock the full potential of your ClickShare Conference CX-50 2nd generation models. 

ClickShare brings a single user experience to all meeting rooms, even to fixed room setups like a Microsoft Teams Room. With ClickShare you add wireless sharing and native interoperability to the fixed room and enhance the user experience. You decide on the videoconferencing platform for your videocall. You can use the default mode of the fixed setup, or easily switch to Bring Your Own Meeting mode with the ClickShare Conference CX-50 2nd generation. Start a video meeting from your laptop with any other platform via Button or App. When the call closes, the room device automatically switches back to default mode, which is the videoconferencing platform pre-installed in the room .

In the previous firmware 2.16 automatic switching was enabled for fixed conference rooms with collaboration bars like the Logitech Rally Bar & Rally Bar Mini and the Poly Studio X30, X50 and X70. With this release we improved the user experience of this particular fixed setup with collaboration bars. In addition, we added support for fixed conference rooms with Window-based modular setups.

Watch our demo video to see how easy automatic switching with ClickShare is:

2. Advanced layout for ultrawide displays for the entire ClickShare range

All 2nd generation ClickShare models now support meeting rooms with an ultrawide screen (21:9) over USB-C (DisplayPort). With advanced layout, you can put content on screen using the full available pixel space without distracting black borders.

21:9 is the optimal format for ConferenceView, showing both people and content side by side. This guarantees an equitable meeting experience, and makes all remote participants heard and seen.

Watch our demo video to check out how great ConferenceView looks on a 21:9 display: 

Briefly, ClickShare is the perfect tool to bring a consistent user experience to all rooms, even in a fixed conference room. It accommodates all meeting types, including ad-hoc, in-room, face-to-face and hybrid meetings. Your employees will love meeting again!

Learn more about how to create flexible workspaces with ClickShare.

3. HostFlow also available for Zoom calls

Smart meeting flows are intent-based, automated workflows in the ClickShare App that make any meeting stress-free. The smart meeting flows guide you through the meeting from checking room availability to an automated start or advanced sharing and viewing options.

The recent update makes HostFlow available for both Zoom and Microsoft Teams calls. When you kick off your meeting, ClickShare automatically guides you as a host or participant, making the start of your meeting stress-free.

Check the video on how Smart meeting flows optimize the start of your meeting: 

4. Admin experience updates

Managing, monitoring and optimizing your meeting experiences has become easier, thanks to our updates in the XMS Cloud platform.

With the latest XMS Cloud update, you can now easily enjoy setting up and managing the room availability feature in all your ClickShare rooms centrally.

Make sure to register your Base Units to take full advantage of XMS Cloud!

Discover how XMS helps you easily manage, update and optimize your devices on a daily basis with Lars Duziack, Product Manager XMS Cloud: 

How to update your devices?

ClickShare consists of different components: Base Units, Buttons, Apps and the XMS cloud management platform. Make sure each component is updated to guarantee the best experience.

  • Base Unit firmware can be installed via the auto-update functionality, or it can be manually updated via the ClickShare Configurator. Buttons update automatically via Wi-Fi.
  •  ClickShare Desktop App. We recommended manually downloading and installing the latest version to ensure the App automatically updates to future releases. Once installed, an auto-update function will keep the App up to date. Do you want to enable wireless conferencing via the App? Be sure to download the Windows MSI installer. 
  • iOS and Android App are updated according to your mobile device settings.
  • XMS Cloud update runs automatically while XMS Virtual Edge can be updated manually.