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Why choose Barco Series 4


Be at the heart of the action with brilliant images

Feel the difference of next-generation laser projection, where every scene is a masterpiece, and every moment is an unforgettable spectacle. Immerse your audience in breathtaking image quality, vibrant colors, and unmatched clarity.

  • Vibrant Colors

    Picture this: skies so brilliantly blue, they make you feel like you're soaring through the clouds in your very own super suit. Now, enter Laser by Barco – these projectors don't just display colors; they make them burst forth from the screen, creating an immersive spectacle that'll have you questioning whether you're watching a movie or living an adventure.

  • Consistency

    Bid farewell to the era of squinting through dim scenes just because someone forgot to change a bulb at the theater. With no lamp flicker and superior brightness uniformity, experience the movie exactly as its creator intended. It's not just about watching; it's about immersing yourself in a world of crystal-clear visuals, where every frame is a masterpiece.

  • Designed by Cinemas for Cinemas

    The Barco Series 4 was born from years of innovation, R&D, and co-creation with cinema operators worldwide. We involve our customers all the way from the drawing board, to the lab, the factory floor, into the projection booth. The result, brilliant images delivered in a smart way that seamless integrates with today's cinema operations.

It’s one small step for cinema, one giant leap for the audience

Go beyond expectations with the future-ready Barco Series 4 laser projection platform. Stay current with outstanding cinema moments.

  • Ready to evolve

    Powered by the leading chipsets from Texas Instruments, the SP4K projectors are 4K 120fps capable and support growth in 4K movies and alternative content. You’ll delight audiences of today, and tomorrow as Barco Series 4 projectors are ready for immersive sound.

  • More color to meet future standards

    The Barco Series 4 projector range contains next-generation light source technology. Barco Colorgenic™ offers the full P3 color space on the SP2K models and up to 98.5% of rec. 2020 on the SP4K projectors, for an extremely wide color gamut.

Enjoy a superb visual experience

The Barco RGB laser light source of the Barco Series 4 platform encompasses patented Barco Active Image Management™ technology to delight audiences with a stunning visual experience.

Worry-free operations

Leverage ultra-low maintenance and seamless integration with Barco Laser Plates™, offering easy, field-swappable, and cost-efficient solutions that reduce total ownership costs. Ideal in the booth and in boothless environments.

  • Next-level modularity

    Barco Series 4 extends modularity to the light source with easy, field-swappable Barco Laser Plates™, enhancing cost efficiency in total ownership.

  • Ultra-low maintenance

    Barco Series 4 ensures ultra-low maintenance, reducing frequency by a factor of 4. The unique filter system and integrated sensors minimize costs and downtime. Filter replacement is tool-free, making it easily accessible for anyone.

  • Designed for boothless

    Barco Series 4 laser projectors offer theater comfort with low noise levels, as low as 40 dB(A), and compact design due to integrated lasers and cooling, ideal for boothless setups.

  • Backwards compatible, future ready

    Barco Series 4 models seamlessly fit existing pedestals and booth spaces. You can reuse your current Barco lenses, and third-party lenses are supported too.

Smooth install, modular design

The Barco Series 4 laser projectors feature a fully modular and integrated design. This makes them easy to service and maintain.

Go green on the big screen

At Barco, we illuminate screens while leading towards a greener future. Series 4 projectors redefine visual experiences and environmental responsibility. Energy-efficient, high-performance, with extended lifespans and optimized maintenance.

  • Energy efficiency

    Barco Series 4 projectors, highly energy-efficient, surpass traditional lamp-based ones, utilizing less power with EcoPure™ technology. This results in reduced energy consumption, lower carbon emissions, and long-term cost savings for cinema exhibitors.

  • Longer lifespan

    Barco Series 4 projectors, with a lifespan of over 40,000 hours, outlast traditional lamp-based ones. When linked to Barco’s Cloud, they maintain consistent performance and light quality. Unlike traditional lamps that demand frequent replacements, leading to increased waste and costs, laser projectors last longer, decreasing the need for interventions and replacements.

  • Modularity

    Barco Series 4 prioritizes modularity for cost efficiency and easy maintenance. With just five common spare parts for the entire portfolio and six Barco Laser Plate™ spare parts for all light source configurations, there's no need to replace the entire light source. This minimizes downtime and operational disruptions for cinema exhibitors.

  • Reduced waste and landfill disposal

    Lamp-based projectors create substantial waste from frequent lamp replacements, including packaging. Laser projectors eliminate this need, reducing lifetime waste for cinema exhibitors. This not only lessens environmental impact but also trims operational costs linked to waste disposal, logistics, and warehousing.

Next-generation laser projection for every screen

The Barco Series 4 family offers an elevated, efficient, and eco-friendly solution for every screen.

Smart features powering smart cinema

Product features

Smart diagnostics

  • Interactive touch display
    This intuitive feature not only presents projector errors but also highlights warnings and notifications, ensuring a comprehensive overview of your system's status.

  • Web analyzer software
    Barco’s web analyzer software streamlines troubleshooting, making error resolution a breeze. Its user-friendly interface ensures swift problem-solving, simplifying the process with efficiency and precision.

Smart maintenance

  • Improved engine and light pipe sealing
    Experience enhanced performance with improved engine and light pipe sealing, ensuring optimal projector functionality.

  • Washable filters
    Enjoy hassle-free maintenance with washable filters, promoting sustainability and longevity.

  • Improved airflow and cooling
    Benefit from improved airflow and cooling efficiency, eliminating the need for refills.

  • Intelligent sensor
    Stay informed with an intelligent sensor that alerts you when maintenance is required, providing proactive and timely notifications for seamless projector upkeep.

Smart control & configuration

  • Integrated media server
    Unlock a seamless multimedia experience with an integrated media server at your fingertips.

  • User-friendly interfaces.
    Navigate effortlessly through user-friendly interfaces accessible via the web, ensuring intuitive control and accessibility.

  • Wide-ranging ecosystem support
    Embrace the power of wide-ranging ecosystem support, facilitating smooth automation and monitoring at complex levels.

Smart power

  • Single-phase and tri-phase support
    The SP2K-7/9/11/15 models offer single-phase support at 120V, while all other S4 models boast tri-phase compatibility.

  • UPS inputs
    Ensure uninterrupted power with available UPS inputs.

  • Star and Delta support
    Effortlessly configure Star and Delta setups in the USA and Japan with SP2KxxC and SP4KxxC&B models.

  • Industry-leading energy-efficient performance
    The integrated projection system delivers an industry-leading energy-efficient performance up to 11.5 lumens per watt. This allows for more than 50% savings compared to Xenon projectors.

  • Sleep mode
    Barco Series 4’s environmentally-friendly sleep mode consumes just 3 watts an hour, reducing your energy consumption. This remote wake-up functionality is perfect for network-programmed scheduled maintenance or content ingest.

Smart service

  • One tool type
    Enjoy simplified maintenance with just one tool type required to replace all spare parts, available in three sizes: M10-15-20.

  • Side serviceability
    Benefit from side serviceability for main components, ensuring convenient access for maintenance tasks.

  • Modular parts
    Easily service modular laser plates and replaceable light processor connectors, streamlining maintenance procedures.

  • Long-lasting reliability and performance
    Experience peace of mind with pumps and fans designed for a life expectancy of 50,000 hours of use, ensuring long-lasting reliability and performance.

Smart installation

  • Integrated carrying handles
    Enhanced portability with integrated carrying handles, making transportation a breeze.

  • No external components
    Enjoy a streamlined design with no external components like cooling or media server, simplifying setup and reducing clutter.

  • Backwards compatible
    Opt for sustainability by reusing materials from your Barco Series 2 projector, including power cables, pedestal, lens, 3D kit and interface, and air exhaust.
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