Installation, basic maintenance and service for Barco Series 4 Cinema-at-Home projectors

This course provides certification on installation, basic maintenance and service for Barco Series 4 Cinema-at-Home projectors. Participants learn how to install, set up, configure, troubleshoot, provide basic maintenance and service for the Freya and Freya+. Topics include digital cinema theory plus an overview of all projector components. Additional topics include: upgrading software, the on-site installation process including site survey, troubleshooting, plus helpful tips and tricks. Participants gain the requisite skills to successfully install the Barco Freya and Freya+ Cinema-at-Home projectors in a residential environment.

Target Audience
  • Integrators
  • Installation engineers/technicians
  • Field service managers
  • Participants should be familiar with Unzipping files, creating and renaming folders
  • Changing TCP/IP and network settings
  • Take the on-line High Brightness Safety training: Cinema - Barco High Brightness Safety training

Course overview:

Day 1

  • Slide deck of laser engine technology explanation
  • Overview of projectors
  • Steps of installation and configuration
  • Laser safety

Day 2/3

  • Hands-on with projectors
  • Installation and configuration
    Barco Certified Specialist - DCI Certification-Series 4 residential projection (valid for 2 years from date of issuance)
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    Durée: 4 days: 3.5 training; 0.5 certification test
    Prix: $3600
    Langue: en

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