This certification training course introduces installers and all technical profiles to the Barco XT Series LED Display systems. It also covers InfinipixTM, Barco’s proprietary image processing system.

Topics Specifically include installation, operation and servicing.
Students will gain the required skills to successfully “set-up, install and configure Barco’s XT Series.

Target Audience

Sales professional, Sales expert, design engineer, installation and service engineers,  maintenance engineer, ..


Follow the online training: XT Series Installation - Basics



The goal of this training is enabling both installation & servicing of the XT Series product-range. Being able to respond to technical questions from our end-customers when doing XT Series installations or service activities.



XT series introduction
XT mounts installation requirements
Tile installation + alignment
LED module mounting + alignment
Servicing XT series


Infinipix basics
Wall configuration
Infinipix advanced features
Rerouting data cabling



    Expert certifié Barco

    After successful installation on site, the participant receives the “Barco Certified Expert” in “XT series" (valid for 2 years from date of issuance)
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    Formule de formation: Formation en classe
    Durée: 2 days
    Prix: 1400€ / $1500
    Langue: en

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