King Fahad Medical City (KFMC)

Riyadh, SA - 2014

Ultra bright Barco video wall: the ideal solution for branding and visitor information 

With a total capacity of 1,059 beds spread across four different hospitals, King Fahad Medical City (KFMC) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is one of the largest medical complexes in the Middle East. More than that, KFMC is noted for being an innovative, modern organization at the forefront of new healthcare technology. Its visionary management and highly qualified professionals share a common goal: to make KFMC a benchmark in healthcare services.

In search of superior brightness
To highlight its commitment to exceptional services and high quality, KFMC also attaches great importance to good hospital design and equipment. In 2014, the hospital group turned to Barco, in search of an AV solution to display images and messages in its main hall. “The existing solution of a screen and projectors did not meet KFMC’s requirements as to reliability and brightness,” said Saed Al Hindi, CEO of Barco’s technology partner Samir Group. “When we advised KFMC to install Barco’s LED-lit OLF modules, they immediately agreed as they had good experiences with the company.” Samir Group set up a 6x5 OLF-521 video wall in March 2014.

Glad to have chosen Barco
Displaying the sharpest and most saturated colors in full HD resolution (1920x1080), the award-winning OverView OLF-521 indeed ensures the best possible images. Thanks to the integrated Sense6 sensor technology, both the brightness and color remain stable, across the entire display and over time. Moreover, the OLF series has the smallest depth on the market today, which allowed Samir Group to build a very shallow video wall to replace the existing screen. The wall’s inbuilt liquid cooling system ensures that no additional heat is emitted in the room and that there is therefore no need for any special air conditioning. “The customer was really impressed with the results and is glad to have chosen Barco,” Al Hindi concluded.

Barco instills trust
The video wall is, by the way, not the only Barco solution embraced by KFMC. In 2013, KFMC chose Barco’s CareConnex solution, powered by Hospedia, to enhance the productivity of healthcare workers, while improving patient well-being and comfort. “The Barco brand instills trust: Barco is a global market leader with a strong presence in the Middle East," commented KFMC’s Administration for Health and Information Technology department.

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