Georgia System Operations Corporation

Tucker, Georgia, US - 2015

One of the largest electric cooperatives in North America, Georgia System Operations Corporation (GSOC) recently upgraded its transmission control center to modernize operations and provide greater situational awareness to its operators. The centerpiece is an expansive video wall solution developed by Critical Space Solutions and Barco, displaying crystal-clear data and graphics while empowering efficient visual collaboration.
Like most transmission and distribution companies, GSOC has historically relied on a static mapboard to monitor electricity operations. With a growing need to combine and visualize many of today’s new dynamic software applications designed to boost situational awareness, GSOC engaged Critical Space Solutions to develop a turnkey video wall solution. CSS turned to Barco for its best-in-class collaborative visualization products.

As a 24/7 mission-critical operation, GSOC relies on the security provided by the Barco visualization platform, helping it to fulfill the promise of reliable, economical electricity for its members. Using Barco’s CMS software, operators and managers can control all content on the main video wall and adjacent LCD panels. They can share their EMS workstation content and application windows on any screen, easily moving information from one desktop to another using CMS’s Sidebar GUI installed on operators’ displays. Managers can also select information presented on any workstation or display wall in the Main Control Center and exhibit this content live in other rooms.

With the ability to create a common operational picture of multiple sources, operators enjoy greater access to information they need to make faster, better decisions.
All photos courtesy of Winsted®

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