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3D hybrid dome theater creates 700m2 immersive experience

Heilbronn, DE - 2019

The experimenta, which is now Germany’s largest Science Center, underwent a complete restructuring including the realization of an entirely new building. Part of this new iconic structure is the Science Dome, a worldwide unique hybrid multi-purpose space, which was developed and implemented by Austrian audiovisual specialist Kraftwerk Living Technologies. The space incorporates the highest quality and best technology into its intelligent design. The goal was to have a multipurpose facility that would allow for different types of shows, including more experimental, artistic and cutting-edge cultural experiences. experimenta wanted to incorporate the best qualities of shows, theaters, movies and special effects into its dome production. The end result is a 150 seat auditorium, which can be rotated and is located underneath an enormous 700m2 dome screen displaying bright, clear, colorful images, complete with 3D audio technology and special effects such as fog and wind.
  • Exceptional image quality and astonishing colors due to RGB laser technology
  • 4K native resolution up to 120 frames a second
  • Outstanding 6P 3D stereo capabilities
  • Product reliability

As a science center that appeals to people from ages four to 99, Kraftwerk Living Technologies used Barco components to create a dome that is experience-driven. By fostering an interest in science, technology and research in visitors of all ages and as an immersive and educational destination, especially for school groups, experimenta uses technology to spread a love of science and instill and reinvigorate a natural curiosity for the wonders that exist in the world today - with the Science Dome fitting right in.


Combining Technologies for Immersive Customer Experience

The challenge was setting up the entire dome with a rotating platform, for the underlying end goal of being a multi-purpose facility. This globally unique space is able to offer planetarium and theater experiences in one spectacular show. These two modes are event and dome mode. Event mode has a stage area of 100m2, and supports lectures, art shows , music or theater productions and digital cinema. Dome operation transitions the audience while seated underneath the large projection area of 700m2 for 3D full dome and planetarium shows.

This multi-purpose facility requires the best of both digital and analog to allow for different types of shows. Barco supplied six XDL 4K-60L projectors for the dome in 2D, as well as the 3D in 4K resolution at 120 fps. An opto-mechanical star projector for the planetarium element was needed and integrated into the Dome set-up, as was a cinema projector, for which a Barco DP4K-30LRGB Laser Projector was installed. These all work together to create very bright, colorful and intense image projections.

Using Technology to Amaze and Awe

The dome itself has a resolution of 8k x 8k resulting in razor sharp images, and thanks to Barco true RGB laser light sources, they’re exceptionally bright and intense as well. Integrating this spectacular technology around video and audio as invisible as possible, was the challenge the Austrian AV specialists from Kraftwerk Living Technologies faced and overcame. “What the technology does with the guests is important, not the technology itself. We wanted technology that was essentially invisible, which requires an enormous amount of reliability and trust. For the best possible outcome, we chose highly reliable, high-quality components, which all play together to create a unique installation and great guest experience.


Images courtesy of @experimenta

We wanted the latest technology in RGB laser projectors, we chose Barco as best supplier to provide us a reliable product.

Thomas Gellermann

Head of Special Projects at Kraftwerk Living Technologies