Advancing plant operations with Barco’s OpSpace personal workspace

Seoul, KR - 2021

Established in December 1999, Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc. is a reputed manufacturer and supplier of chemical materials and technology products. The company supplies essential materials across various industries ranging from fiber, film, and basic materials for IT departments to high-value-added materials.

Barco solutions:

  • Barco UniSee x 8pcs (4x2 Config.)
  • OpSpace x 2 Seats
  • OPS-210 x 2pcs
  • NGS-D320 Flex x 19pcs
  • TF N (NDS-420 and CMS)


  • Enhanced brightness
  • Easy diagnosing and servicing
  • Easy integration of new and legacy systems
  • Network separation and security
  • Instant access to different systems from a single workspace
  • Low latency for critical real-time operations

The company’s main production site, Gumi Plant, introduced a high-tech network monitoring system to optimize plant operations for increased productivity, efficiency, security and product quality. They achieved this goal by leveraging Barco UniSee and OpSpace, in addition to other Barco solutions such as the TransForm N networked visualization platform and control room management suite (CMS).

At Barco, we worked closely with the Toray team since the beginning stage of the project. We worked with the team to replace their existing KVM system and set up an integrated multi-viewer and interoperability with VDI solutions. Our solution delivered better latency performance and provided a single workspace for multiple displays on the operator’s desk for viewing, monitoring and interacting with multiple clients residing on multiple networks. In this way, the operator is at the center of the information and has all data within easy reach. All relevant information can be consulted and manipulated within a single pixel space, with just one mouse and keyboard. It also provides secure access to hosts across multiple security domains, especially for standard TCP/IP networks. This helped Toray with low latency for critical real-time operations. The Barco UniSee LCD video wall provides enhanced brightness and excellent image quality, reliability and serviceability.


Monitoring made seamless, secure, and insightful

At Barco, we understand that for manufacturing organizations, plant monitoring and process control systems are very critical. This helped us in decoding what Toray was expecting when the company wanted to transform its operations visualization, monitoring, and control systems.

They needed to set up a quick response system to cope with potential issues and were also looking for a risk management system to minimize any risks or losses due to delay in response to any critical situations. At the same time, Toray wanted to build a system with real-time monitoring of data and garner insights through the collation of information, analysis, CCTV monitoring, etc.


View better, share faster, resolve quicker

Our Barco display, media management and workflow solutions helped Toray streamline all the information in the plant, enabling them to monitor the processes effectively. This enables Toray to minimize their response time and keep all lines in the plant informed and updated.

Toray, now, connects multiple sources including CCTV, devices, and more – deep-diving into the insights through Barco’s innovative control room solutions.

Barco’s OpSpace simplifies our workflow & helps us with effective and reliable real-time monitoring of our entire control room operations.

ChulWoo Park

Control room Manager

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