10 apr 2013

Big things come in small packages for Platinum Theatres

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Barco is helping smaller theaters reap the image quality and low total cost of ownership benefits of digital projection, most recently supplying Platinum Theatres with its award-winning DCI-compliant Barco DP2K-10S. Independent cinemas, art house and smaller theaters can offer patrons a first-class moviegoing experience, presenting the same superior image quality offered by Barco’s larger models.


In designing the projectors, special consideration was given to the specific needs of smaller exhibitors, resulting in a highly intuitive user interface that simplifies operation and ensures low operating costs.

Platinum Theatres has outfitted many of its auditoriums with the new 10S projector, in addition to several DP2K-23B units, making it a 100 percent Barco circuit.

“We’re very happy with the compact size of the Barco DP2K-10S, which makes it ideal for small booths and screens. We also have the Barco DP2K-23B projector, and the image quality of the 10S model is just as good!” comments Al Guerra, Owner of Platinum Theatres. “We really appreciate the ease of programming and operation of the 10S. It’s one of the simplest things I've worked with in many years in the cinema business.”