21 gen 2016

Volvo Car Group installs VI-grade’s DiM Driving Simulator


The revolutionary DIM® (Driver in Motion) motion platform designed by simulation expert VI-grade, is finding its way to the world’s leading carmakers! Volvo Car Group, for example, has put VI-grade’s driving simulator at the heart of its brand-new driving simulation technical center. The three Barco F35 WQXGA projectors inside the simulator help ensure the brightest resolution (12.3MP) - to ensure the most realistic driving experience.

Simulation + motion feedback
VI-DriveSim is an innovative driving simulator. Besides the ground-breaking technology, the concept is what really makes VI-DriveSim unique: the simulator is based on the idea that it’s key to introduce the human at an early stage of the car development process. As such, it allows carmakers to test virtual vehicle missions with a real person, who drives a highly accurate digital surrogate in a realistic, reconstructed environment. The simulation is most impressive in the dynamic configuration, which provides motion feedback to the driver thanks to the Driver in Motion (DiM) moving platform. It’s this set-up that won Volvo Cars over.

Realistic environment
Volvo Cars will use the DiM platform for testing and optimizing the handling and ride behavior of new vehicles as well as to test new control algorithms for active safety. “DiM allows us to physically experience our simulation models using human test drivers,” explained Carl Sandberg, Vehicle Dynamics Concept Engineer at Volvo Car Group. “The simulator emphasizes the human-centric approach we are known for, allowing driving dynamics and active safety systems to be experienced in a realistic environment, right from the start of the development process.”

Turnkey solution
“We are extremely happy to report this commercial success,” said Guido Bairati, Sales Director, VI-grade. “Together with Saginomiya and other technology vendors like Barco, Concurrent, Sim.Co.VR, VIRES and Imtec, we have installed this complex vehicle simulator as a turnkey solution. Volvo Cars now officially adds itself to the growing list of customers that chose to believe in the superior value of our technology.”

Want to know more? Read the official VI-grade press release and watch the YouTube video to see how DiM really works at Volvo Cars.