6 giu 2017

How to avoid light pollution from non-diagnostic displays (VIDEO)

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This is your typical diagnostic workstation setup: two or more diagnostic screens and at least one navigational head used for patient worklists or dictation. But the ‘mismatch’ between your diagnostic and non-diagnostic monitors can result in reduced clinical accuracy. So what can be done to solve this?

The navigational head on your workstation is extremely handy for viewing worklists and patient data. But the light that comes out of this screen might interfere with the images on your diagnostic displays.  Undoubtedly, light pollution from surrounding screens can be pretty disturbing in a profession where the tiniest detail cannot go unnoticed.

That’s why we developed DimViewTM. You can dim any non-diagnostic display, one or multiple screens at the same time, simply by moving your cursor off the screen.  And when the cursor moves back, the display goes back to its full brightness. Result? No more light pollution that impairs your ability to perceive an abnormality.  

Intuitive workflow tools for your medical display

In this video, you’ll learn how to use DimViewTM with your medical display in order to enhance your reading experience and clinical accuracy.

How to use DimViewTM

Watch our how-to video>>