27 mag 2019

Innovative UDX trade-in offers far more than a cashback

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The Pro AV sector has become one of the most vibrant in business. Exhibitions, events and venues are all calling for bigger, more impressive visuals. The race is on to offer audiences more lumens, sharper images and with the lowest (ecological) footprint.

Many fleet owners are already aware of the benefits of Barco’s UDX projectors: razor-sharp, high-res images up to 40K lumens; 3-chip DLP® technology; very long lifetime; and low energy consumption.

The recent offer from Barco gives them another compelling reason to upgrade: the possibility of improving their carbon footprint.

Save money, upgrade and protect the planet

Until 30 September 2019, Barco EMEA is offering owners the opportunity to trade-in and recycle old HDX, HDF, HDQ, FLM and Galaxy 4K projectors for a new UDX-x22, UDX-x26, UDX-x32, UDX-x40 – and save up to €10,000. At the same time, Barco will ensure their old gear is properly recycled. So not only will they be saving on the investment of a new machine, they will also be saying “bye-bye” to expensive and polluting lamp replacements and “hello” to lower electricity bills and extended lifetime.

By way of example, the cool laser power of UDX lasts up to 60,000 hours and consumes less than half the electricity of an equivalent lamp-powered projector.

Further info can be found in this flyer. Anyone interested in the trade-in should contact their local Barco representative for the full details and terms and conditions.