2 giu 2020

How can you hold safe face-to-face meetings?

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Video has become the new normal and it will continue to be so, even when we go back to the office post pandemic. As we prepare to re-enter the workplace and navigate the post-COVID-19 world, our well-known meeting rules will no longer apply. Next to our remote and hybrid meetings, we will have to get used to a new set of habits in face-to-face meetings in order to meet safe and secure.


With this set of tips & tricks you can still organize collaborative, effective in-person meetings safely and with respect to social distancing. Especially when reconsidering room design and setup, new guidelines will apply.

  1. Only organize meetings that are strictly necessary.
  2. Keep meetings as efficient as possible, limit the time and length of your meeting. Having fewer & shorter meetings is always beneficial for the productivity of employees and businesses, that’s no different.
  3. Use meeting rooms at 50% of the original capacity. Meet in spaces that are large enough for the total number of in-room meeting attendees. Create physical space. Stick to the necessary 1,5 m (Europe) /6 feet (US) in between meeting participants.
  4. Make sure to wash your hands before the meeting or use the hand sanitizers in the meeting area.
  5. Create a seating plan with rules for social distancing in mind. Place seats further apart or leave one chair open in between meeting participants.
  6. Use tilted seating, so don’t sit in front of a co-worker.
  7. Leave doors and windows open where possible for better circulation of air.
  8. Enable meeting rooms and huddle spaces for virtual calls to connect both on-site and remote workers. Make sure several UC solutions can be used in your meeting rooms.
  9. Use apps and software solutions wherever possible to connect to AV equipment. Share your content to the meeting room screen with the ClickShare Apps for simple, easy collaboration.
  10. Don’t organize food or drinks for your meetings. Everyone should bring their own refreshments.