3 mag 2023

Redefining today’s standard of diagnostic imaging, with a new series of displays


If you’re looking for diagnostic displays that embody simplicity and functionality in a modern design, then our Nio range is your answer. Today, we are adding no less than three new displays to it.

With the latest technologies, in a new design, and with the highest ecoscore we’ve achieved so far. If you’re looking for a refresh of your displays, this is your opportunity to get settled with the most up-to-date equipment for years to come.

A more precise view

Compared to its predecessors, our refreshed Nio range will show you more detail in the same image.

Why is that? The new Nio’s calibrated luminance and contrast resolution are both higher – from 500 cd/m² to 600, and from 1400:1 to 2000:1.

This results in, for example, 9% more shades of gray than were visible on our previous model. Quite a difference!

dual head config

Stable from beginning to end

The integrated I-Guard sensor and Uniform Luminance Technology make sure that your screen remains stable from your display’s first day till its last. Combined with our QAWeb Enterprise solution, I-Guard is an easy-to-use tool for automated calibration.

Ambient Light Compensation ensures consistent images in any lighting conditions. In the office, at home, or anywhere else.

The new Nio series is also built for any imaging modality. From x-rays to radiotracer PET-CT images, the SteadyGray and SteadyColor technologies guarantee clear, consistent colors and DICOM grays. 

Productivity hacks included

New on this range of Nio displays is the Keyboard-Video-Mouse (KVM) functionality. KVM allows you to connect 2 computers to a single display, keyboard and mouse. Especially handy when you’re working for different health networks or wish to attach a personal laptop to your screen next to your work PC. Switch from one to the other at the touch of a button.

Boost your ergonomics by adjusting the screen from portrait to landscape mode and combining it into multi-head arrangements. The display’s bezel is much thinner than its predecessor, which removes space between images in dual-head settings.

Lastly, our entire suite of well-known Intuitive Workflow Tools is also available, of course. Tools such as SpotView speed up your workflow and improve your focus.

Our most environmentally friendly displays so far

The new Nio series has been crowned with an A++ ecoscore – currently the highest ecolabel in our entire medical product portfolio. During development of this range, we’ve paid special attention to materials, packaging, end-of-life optimization, and energy efficiency.

What especially stands out is the smart dimming sensor, which detects whether someone is sitting in front of the display and dims the screen automatically when that’s not the case. The screen will also automatically turn on again when you sit down in front of it, so you don’t need to move the mouse and wait until it activates.

Discover our new Nio displays now!

The new Nio range consists of a 2MP and 3MP version, as well as a 3MP version for dentistry.