17 nov 2023

See through breast density with new AI-powered tool DL Precise


Are you a breast radiologist who frequently handles dense breast images? If you are, then read on to discover our new, AI-powered tool that will prove a true game-changer in your work.

Dense tissue in breast imaging: a problem without solution?

It’s a well-known problem that dense breast tissue can obscure malignant masses in medical images. On mammograms, for example, both appear as white masses. So you don’t always know whether you’re looking at innocent dense tissue, or whether there’s a tumor hidden inside it.

The result? You need to inform your patient that their test results were inconclusive and that they need to have additional images made. Which of course leads to additional (and sometimes unnecessary) concern and stress for your patient, their family and their friends.

Seeing beyond the human eye with AI

If you recognize the scenario above, then DL PreciseTM will prove to be a true game-changer for you. It’s an AI-driven software tool that assists you in visualizing and calculating the morphology of masses within a specific region you wish to investigate – even if you can’t see these masses yourself.

How does it work? DL Precise augments an area you choose with a vividly colored density map. With one additional click, you get immediate segmentation and measurements of the object.

DL Precise goes beyond the range of human vision. It makes consistent measurement of a region over time easier and enables coordinated collaboration. It works on demand: you choose whether you activate it and which area you wish to inspect.

collage used at RSNA 2023 to illustrate DL Precise and SpotView

Building on our technology infrastructure

DL Precise is a software tool available through our Intuitive Workflow Tools. This means that it runs on Barco displays through our high-quality MXRT medical display controllers, enabling fast and smooth operation. Which PACS viewer you use doesn’t matter. The tool doesn’t store any patient data.

The colored density maps that DL Precise shows use Barco’s unique SteadyColor technology. Contrast, colors and detail are shown in a consistent way, which make the tool ideal to use for consistent follow-up measurements of a mass over a longer period of time.

Where is DL Precise available?

DL Precise is available in a licensing model on Barco’s breast imaging color displays. The tool is already available in the United States and the United Kingdom, with certifications in other global regions planned. DL Precise also integrates with the Barco customizable touchpad.