13 feb 2024

5 ways ClickShare video bars ease IT Managers´ lives and boost engagement in hybrid meetings

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Ever wondered how a single device could transform your hybrid meetings from mundane to remarkable? Give IT Managers like you more peace of mind while improving efficiency? Make employees love meeting again? Enter the ClickShare Video Bars, the best video bars for IT Managers.


  • With the ClickShare Bars you benefit from reduced cost and complexity by reuniting all collaboration, audio and video functionalities into one powerful device.
  • Rest assured you made a future-proof investment with free 5-year coverage with SmartCare and free quarterly updates.
  • Enjoy easy, remote management and configuration of your ClickShare devices with XMS Cloud, and get insights for optimizing your work spaces.
  • Lower your organization´s carbon footprint and reach sustainability goals with our carbon-neutral devices.

The ClickShare Video Bars enable effortless wireless collaboration in small and medium-sized meeting rooms with any videoconferencing platform from your laptop via the ClickShare Button or App. But what is it exactly that makes these devices unique and how they make everyone´s lives better in the workplace? 

1. Benefit from lower Total Cost of Ownership

The ClickShare Video Bars redefine economic efficiency in meeting-room technology. Reduce installation cost and complexity by using an all-in-one video bar device: fewer cables, less drilling, less hassle. Deploy your meeting room solution easily and quickly so you can start video conferencing in no time.  

With one device paired with a screen for an entire conference room, you will also benefit from fewer points of failure in your meeting spaces. Long term, this will translate into: 

  • minimized downtime 
  • an overall lower Total Cost of Ownership  
  • better ROI on the technology you worked so hard to implement. 

With ClickShare, IT managers can say goodbye to overly complex setups and welcome a new era of streamlined, cost-effective meeting room technology. 

2. Rest assured you made a sound investment  

The ClickShare Video Bars are a clear demonstration of long-term value. The ease of installation is just the tip of the iceberg! So, what else makes them a sound investment?  

  • Enterprise-grade solution that seamlessly integrates into your network, ensuring robust security. 
  • Free firmware updates and the absence of license costs ensure that these devices remain cutting edge and competitive without additional financial input 
  • Free SmartCare service package with 5 years of coverage and no replacement costs upon registering your ClickShare devices 

By choosing ClickShare, you are not just purchasing a product. You are investing in a secure, scalable, and future-proof solution that promises to evolve and grow to meet your changing business needs. 

High-quality audio 

A 2021 study highlights the impact of audio quality on the overall perceived quality of audio-visual content. The research reveals how audio degradations, such as background noise and clipping, significantly affect viewers' satisfaction with video content. 

The ClickShare Bar addresses these concerns head-on with its high-quality stereo sound thanks to the two 10W speakers with passive radiators, meaning that onsite attendees will be clearly heard by remote workers.

The 6 MEMS microphones with beam forming enable precise voice capture. The real-time noise removal and acoustic echo cancelation will filter out unwanted noise, to make sure you stay laser-focused on your meeting objectives.  

All these features together create an environment where distance is no longer a barrier to collaboration, ensuring that remote attendees are as much a part of the meeting as those in the room. In this way, the ClickShare Video Bars not only enhance communication but also foster a culture of inclusivity and collaboration. 


4. Manage your devices easily and remotely 

Enjoy efficiency, productivity and peace of mind while ensuring workers enjoy seamless and engaging meetings. Thanks to XMS Cloud you can benefit from: 

  • Key system health stats available at a glance for quick and effortless monitoring 
  • Device usage insights and meeting behavior data to understand and improve meeting experiences 
  • Improved ROI for your ClickShare devices, better adoption rate of your tech stack and increased usage of your meeting rooms 

5. Make a positive impact and reach your sustainability goals 

By choosing a ClickShare video bar, you will not only enjoy the perks of energy-efficient technology but support a positive impact on the planet for your technology. What´s more, you help achieve your organization´s sustainability goals, making a statement about their commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability.  

These are the ecological design choices that have made our ClickShare video bar range truly sustainable: 

  • The brand-new packaging is made of 100% recycled cardboard.  
  • The ClickShare Bar is made of recycled, non-paint plastics. 
  • The device is very energy efficient. 
  • The design includes passive cooling for low energy consumption and an extrusion heatsink to conduct the heat flow away from the device.