Discover the Barco CTRL APIs to unleash the full potential of your control room

Barco CTRL is an extremely safe and powerful control room platform, allowing all stakeholders to visualize the right information at the right place, at the right time. But you can make the system even more powerful!

Barco CTRL offers built-in APIs that allow you to configure and operate your control room programmatically from external systems and devices. This is often for customers who want to integrate Barco CTRL with other third-party solutions or existing applications. 


Screen content

Touch capability of Barco CTRL using api

Optimize your operator workflows by automatically changing the screen content in the context of the operator's current task.

VMS integration

Integrating Barco CTRL within a Video Management System further expands the effectiveness of the system.

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Our APIs follow the REST (over HTTPS) paradigm, with JSON-encoded request and response bodies. For authentication and authorization, OIDC with JWT access tokens is used. 


barco ctrl desk controller simplicity one keyboard and mouse

Two types of APIs

We have split our API into two prominent use cases. This split supports our customers in developing their applications to support security best practices and apply the principles of least privilege. The two APIs are:

Configure API

The Configure API allows you to read and change the configuration of your Barco CTRL setup. You will typically use this API to automate recurring administrative tasks, like the (bulk) creation or update of sources (e.g. cameras). 

Operate API

The Operate API allows you to read your Barco CTRL setup's inventory (e.g., sources and workplaces) and manage which content is shown on the individual workplaces. You will typically use this API to implement custom operator workflows or integrate Barco CTRL with other equipment in your control room.

Over time, the APIs will grow and expand the use cases we can support, but we have designed a lifecycle specifically for our APIs following semantic versioning. This means our partners will always know which versions will include any potential breaking changes in their integrations. 

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