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Elevate your cinema with unprecedented brightness, profound blacks, and captivating contrast. Harnessing the power of laser projection and a patented approach, HDR by Barco redefines the very essence of cinematic excellence.

  • Dramatic Contrast

    Enriches the experience by offering a substantial increase in contrast levels, widening the gap between the brightest and darkest elements of the image. This augmentation leads to heightened dynamism and realism in on-screen visuals.

  • Brilliant Highlights

    Bright areas of the image, like sunlight shimmering on water or fireworks illuminating the night sky, are portrayed with exceptional clarity and lifelike authenticity.

  • Exquisite Details

    Fine details within both shadows and highlights are maintained, resulting in a more nuanced and lifelike representation of the visuals on screen.

  • Darker Darks

    Darker blacks that retain detail and depth, even in the darkest parts of the image. Providing a more immersive viewing experience, as the shadows and dark areas on screen appear more realistic and nuanced.

  • Vivid Colors

    Colors are brought to life with exceptional richness, depth, and accuracy. HDR expands the color gamut and contrast ratio, enabling cinemas to display a wide range of colors with greater intensity and vibrancy resulting in colors that appear more lifelike and vibrant.

A Comprehensive Solution From Filmmaker to Exhibitors

Barco HDR LS4K-P

Enable HDR Viewing

A dedicated HDR viewing solution offering up to 6 times higher peak luminance, directing light precisely as intended, delivering deep HDR blacks and drastically enhanced contrast, integrated seamlessly into mastering and post facilities for grading, review, and quality control.

Barco HDR Lightbox

Enable Smooth HDR Grading

Barco HDR Lightbox streamlines post-production processes with comprehensive content analysis, automatic solution application, and easy integration into existing workflows, ensuring efficient grading and quality control.

Color Grading Plugin

Enable Optimized Color Grading

Seamless integration into DaVInci Resolve and FilmLight Baselight editing toolkits allowing for optimized HDR color grading with full creative control.

HDR by Barco makes premium cinema accessible and scalable

  • True HDR for cinema
    Not consuming more power than a conventional SDR projector, the Barco LS4K projection system achieves much brighter highlights thanks to its focus on light distribution rather than blocking the light. We are able to reach 300 nits peak brightness and deep blacks according to the suggested DCI specification for cinema HDR.

  • Powered by Barco Lightsteering technology
    Barco Lightsteering technology is a break-through patented technology to enable true HDR for cinema with cinematic DNA at its core. Barco LS4K is laser-powered, a technology adopted and appreciated by the industry since 2014. The Barco Series 4 platform - the biggest most trusted platform in cinema​ - is used as basis to develop the Barco LS4K projector. A new canvas with the widest colour gamut and contrast levels ready to amaze moviegoers.

  • Complete toolkit to enable HDR
    We foresee all the tools you need to perfectly play back HDR by Barco. The Barco LS4K laser projector is accompanied by a pedestal, HDR lens, Barco media server and calibration camera as an all-in-one offering to ensure HDR by Barco quality playback in your premium theater. All of this supported with a service approach that suits your needs.

  • Enabling premium for scale
    Barco LS4K empowers every exhibitor to lift their theater experience without the often highly substantial upfront investment required by today’s premium market offerings. Barco LS4K offers an accessible entry to amaze your audience, embarking on a joint growth trajectory as HDR becomes widely available in cinemas worldwide.
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