11 jun. 2024

Empowering remote work in healthcare with our Nio and Eonis Color 8MP displays

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A radiologist looking at diagnostic images on a Barco Nio Color 8MP (MDNC-8132) radiology display

We're excited to announce that the Eonis Color 8MP and Nio Color 8MP displays have received 510(k) clearance and CE marking. These innovative monitors, designed for remote work with built-in multimedia features, are now available on the market.

Tailored for remote work in healthcare

The Eonis Color 8MP and Nio Color 8MP monitors were developed to revolutionize clinical collaboration, whether you’re working from the hospital, at home, or anywhere else.

They are equipped with advanced screensharing options and built-in multimedia features like a camera, microphone, and speakers.

This makes them perfect for healthcare professionals working remotely, facilitating effective communication across locations and disciplines.

Nio Color 8MP for diagnostic radiology

The Nio Color 8MP is specifically designed for diagnostic radiology. It offers outstanding image quality on a large 32” screen, and includes Barco’s own state-of-the-art technologies for consistent performance, accurate color representation and sharp and fast image rendering. The display also offers Barco’s Intuitive Workflow Tools.

Eonis Color 8MP for clinical review imaging

The Eonis Color 8MP, on the other hand, is perfect for reviewing clinical images. It’s an excellent tool for teleconsultations with patients and promotes effective communication across locations and clinical disciplines. Eonis Color 8MP is an ideal choice for healthcare professionals seeking second opinions, emergency or trauma assessments, or referrals, which are not primary diagnoses.

 The Nio Color 8MP and Eonis Color 8MP displays also enable remote QA & compliance management through our cloud-based QAWeb Enterprise software.

Want to learn more about the Nio and Eonis Color 8MP displays? Don't hesitate to get in touch with your Barco representative.