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Hangzhou Chingan Tech Co., Ltd. Room Solutions for Barco ClickShare Conference

Expand the use of equipment scenarios, and better integration of video conferencing systems

Zweryfikowane urządzenia peryferyjne

Urządzenie Peryferyjne
oprogramowanie układowe
Oprogramowanie układowe
ClickShare Conference
Typ Współdziałanie
AMC-G309 V1.1.5 02.18 Room Devices All-In-One USB Audio-Video Device Compatible
AMC-G500 V1.0.57 02.18 Room Devices Camera Compatible

Company Profile

Chingan Tech is a world-renowned high-tech enterprise with AI audio visual as the core. Committed to the R&D production and sales of intelligent audio visual system products, which has become a high-profile new force in the industry.

According to the characteristics of various industries, we continue to work hard and provide one-stop intelligent product solutions to meet the audio visual needs of various application scenarios, especially intelligent lecturer tracking camera system, AI speaker tracking & auto framing video conference camera system, digital image stabilization and radar & hotspot tracking. The system has made breakthroughs in practical applications, bringing users fresh intelligent experience. Our marketing and service network is from all over the world, including a wide range of global enterprises and institutions of governments, education, broadcasting such as Peking University, MIT and the Israeli Parliament.

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