Boosting collaboration in a conference room?

Join IT managers Doug and Jessie during their brainstorm sessions for stress-free collaboration solutions. Because, as you know, technology can sometimes get in the way. But hey, don’t worry, there is a wireless collaboration solution that enhances flexibility and user experience in a fixed room like a Microsoft Teams Room or Zoom Room.

Wireless presentation in any meeting?

Start presenting in 7 seconds?

Sharing two sources on screen?

Walk-in meetings?

Easy content sharing for guests?

How can ClickShare make fixed conference rooms flexible?

With technology you can transform spaces easily and make hybrid working and video conferencing relevant. Meetings can be productive and seamless for all users, in-room or remote participants, in any space or setup.

Today, meeting spaces need to accommodate

  • different types of room setups including rooms systems or BYOM solutions
  • different scenarios like hybrid, in-person or ad hoc meetings
  • different users, like guests or remote users
  • different technologies
  • different AV peripherals and displays.

That’s why, at ClickShare, we enable the ultimate flexibility in every type of room, even in fixed UC rooms. Gone are the days of rigid setups, unpractical  room systems and limited functionality. Say goodbye to messy cables and hello to effortless collaboration. Because it’s high time to love meeting again.

What benefits does ClickShare bring to a fixed conference room?

As ClickShare provides a unified, consistent user experience for any type of space, it can bring simple, wireless meeting experiences especially in UC rooms and hybrid meeting rooms.

  • Simple & wireless content sharing: works with a single click 
  • Interoperable: works seamlessly with any peripheral and video conferencing platform, allows automatic switching from BYOM a,nd BYOD mode to UC room mode 
  • Flexible: is open for different scenarios like scheduled, ad hoc, in-room and hybrid meetings 
  • Guest-access: allows any user to share content from their own device, including guests
  • User-centric: provides the same user experience across all rooms 
  • Cost-efficient: ClickShare has no additional license costs. In addition, management tools like XMS Cloud Management Platform, firmware updates and the SmartCare service package are free.

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