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Utelogy Room Solutions for Barco ClickShare Conference

With the power of Utelogy, you will be able to gain actionable insights into your entire AV/UC estate under a single pane of glass. Monitor the health and status of your ClickShare devices for your entire estate with a fully customizable location hierarchy. Create intuitive in-room control and incorporate Clickshare device controls as buttons on the user interface. Ensure displays are set to the correct input, Clickshare devices are communicating, peripherals are connected, and the correct audio settings are in place. Run tests automatically overnight so any issues can be identified and resolved proactively.

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U-Manage allows you to view your data how you want. With our fully customizable dashboard tool, you can build and share as many dashboards as you with with other U-Manage users at your company. See real-time analytics, add filters, and even export your data in all common formats.


U-Automate give the ability to schedule automation tests without needing to know how to code. With our easy-to-use drag and drop script builder, create scripts, schedule tests, and check the health of your entire AV estate. Receive alerts and notifications if there are any issues and view comprehensive test logs.


U-Control is the room configuration and room control interface that delivers Utelogy to your users. It connects the user to devices and applications to deliver a customized rich and productive collaboration experience. U-Control can be accessed on any HTML5 based browser on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

Zweryfikowane urządzenia peryferyjne

Urządzenie Peryferyjne
oprogramowanie układowe
Oprogramowanie układowe
ClickShare Conference
Typ Współdziałanie
Utelogy Platform 2.6.1 02.18 Control Solutions ClickShare API Control Compatible

Company Profile

Utelogy is the leading provider of Intelligent Management, Monitoring, and Automation, delivering analytics and control to the fast- moving world of AV and Unified Communications. Utelogy bridges the gap between AV and IT by integrating with ITSM workflows and enabling organizations to make better data-driven decisions and empower support organizations to deliver world-class, enterprise-grade service more efficiently.

The Utelogy platform is not only used to manage the simplest of meeting rooms but the technology in collaboration rooms and and complex learning spaces. Utelogy is designed to evolve with the rapidly changing world of Intelligent Buildings and complex IoT environments. To meet these goals of increased efficiency, reduced costs and outstanding user experience, our customers need efficient real time data to make smarter decisions. Our intelligent automation and monitoring tools deliver actionable analytics to proactively remedy technology issues and deliver it on a single pane of glass.

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