This online, video based certification training takes you through the different key aspects of the overall ClickShare product portfolio.

This certification training is the foundational course within the Connect! Program, as one of the prerequisites for the Reseller to be authorized to sell ClickShare. This training takes you through the different key aspects of the overall Clickshare product portfolio to enable you having a good understanding of the different use-cases and functionality it offers.

 It will cover the following detailed chapters:  
1. ClickShare Introduced
2. ClickShare Conference and smart meeting flow
3. The ClickShare Eco system
4. Unboxing, Minimal configuration, registration and SmartCare
5. ClickShare and the network
6. Managing ClickShare (XMS)
7. Security
8. CX-50 GEN2
9. Key takeaways and Sales Value

Target Audience
Broad Sales audience of ClickShare Resellers, Distributors, consultants and Barco Internal.

In order to take this E-learning without issues, you must have a browser that is able to play html5 content. When you experience problems, make sure that your browser is updated to the latest version. 

We recommend to use either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as browser. 

In order to fully complete this online learning course, we require you to go through it in full and pass the quiz-questions at different moments throughout your learning journey. 

With this training you will learn basics about ClickShare on functionality, installation, configuration, integration, security and sales values.

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Формат обучения: Интерактивные обучающие курсы
Продолжительность: 1h
Цена: Free of charge
Разговорный язык: ENG

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