Barco’s Surgical and Modality Technical training has been divided into a number of product pillars. Within each pillar, the training has been further split into certification levels, to enable you to obtain training and certification at the level according to your needs and requirements. 


All training must start with the General Onboarding program, which will provide a high-level introduction to Barco, the Service organization and Service portal, plus how to obtain information, assistance, and training. ​This is the starting point for individuals who have not completed any Barco training before (or within the last 2 years) – this is a pre-requisite for all other SUMO product training programs​; You can complete as many of the pillars as you wish after the Onboarding program.                                 


Technical Associate CertificationThis is the next step in your training and certification journey. The Associate level training provides a general introduction to the products and solutions, including 1st line troubleshooting and support​.

·        There is a Technical Associate program for each of the pillars (NexxisPlus, Surgical Displays, NexxisCare, NexxisLive) Note the appropriate Associate certification will be a prerequisite to attending the related Specialist training​.

·        The Associate level training is generally delivered digitally, via e-learnings, videos or even documents/articles.


Technical Specialist Certification. This training and certification, provides a broad technical understanding of the product or solution.

·        The support specialist course, covers Installation, configuration, basic troubleshooting and servicing & support, plus escalation flow.

·        This is an instructor-led classroom training, including considerable Hands-on activities. ​


Technical Expert Certification. This training provides an in-depth technical understanding of the product or solution; Implementation and Integration, advanced troubleshooting, servicing and maintenance​.

·        Delivered Online or through Instructor led classes.

Note: Not all pillars will offer an Expert level certification


To start your training and certification journey, you must first obtain a myBarco account (refer to the Quick start guide or to Knowledgebase article 10012)

      Barco Certified Specialist

      Формат обучения: Интерактивные обучающие курсы
      Продолжительность: 15 min
      Цена: FOC
      Разговорный язык: en

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