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Ownership of the company’s shares (situation as per 30/06/2024)

Dividend agenda & policy

The dividend is set by the Board of Directors and subsequently proposed at the Annual General Meeting of shareholders at the end of each fiscal year.

  • Board believes that consistency and reliability towards the investment community is key, and considers a consistent dividend pay-out as a key contributor, reflecting the long term confidence in the company & its future growth and opportunities.
  • The Board wants to also protect the strong balance sheet of the company and Barco’s capability to invest in the future.

Subject to the approval by the Annual General Meeting of shareholder on 25 April 2024, the Board of Directors decided to recommend that the general assembly pay a dividend of 0.48 euro (gross) per share over 2023 (compared to 0.44 euro over 2022). This is 0.34 euro net, on a withholding tax of 30%. At 0.48 euro, the payout ratio is 55.60 % and the gross dividend yield is 2.9 %.

Proposed payment dates are:

  • Ex-Dividend Date: 06 May 2024
  • Record Date: 07 May 2024
  • Payment Date: 08 May 2024

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