5 jun. 2023

How we keep the Total Cost of Ownership of our G-series low

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G100 top front with Barco logo and indicator lights

Assessing the total cost of ownership (TCO) means taking the bigger picture into account. Simply said it looks at what the product is and what its value is over time. It considers the initial acquisition price of an asset plus the potential costs of operation, maintenance, training, and the likes.

TCO is an important concept in any big investment, whether it’s a car, a house, or a couple of new projectors… So, here’s how we go for the best TCO in our G-series smart line projectors.

Long-lasting technologies

The G-series, and in fact, almost all of Barco’s new projectors, are designed with a solid-state laser light source. Thanks to its longer lifetime, you’ll be able to enjoy the laser outcomes much longer than with traditional lamp projectors. What’s more, the use of laser diodes does away with the extra maintenance costs, higher electricity bills and other additional expenses related to lamp projection set-ups.

In addition, the G-series projectors make use of sealed DMD chips. The DLP projectors are considered more durable with guaranteed image uniformity, color accuracy and light output over time. Not only because the design prevents dust build-up but also because DMDs are micromechanical structures. They don’t change or fade over time.

For a more extensive comparison between LCD and DLP imaging technologies, check this blog post

Reaping the benefits of previous investments

One of our biggest pet peeves at Barco is a future-proof design. Especially when it comes to projection lenses. Our G-lenses can be interchangeably used for the G60s and G62s. And we can already share that this will be extended to our new upcoming G-projector to be launched at InfoComm 2023

At your service

The cost of downtime can be considerable, from a theme park having to shut down its ride leaving kids disappointed, to museums not being able to showcase their blockbuster exhibitions. For those who want their project(or)s up and running 24/7, we have the Barco services offering to support you.

All Barco G-series projectors are covered by a 3-year comprehensive standard warranty. You can choose to upgrade and extend your standard coverage by adding the EssentialCare maintenance contract. The EssentialCare service package includes single field interventions through which defective projectors are swapped with a like-for-like replacement from a regional swap pool that’s yours to keep, rather than having your unit returned for repair. It minimizes turn-around-times and eliminating downtime.

You can find more details on our service offering on this page


The G-series is part of our Barco smart line projectors. They are designed to offer uncompromised laser projection with a consistent quality. The future-proof and growing single-chip platform at a competitive pricing comes with the valued Barco service and support. If you’re in the market for a new compact projector at the best TCO, and you’re wondering which one to choose: look no further than the Barco G-series projectors!