EssentialCare for Entertainment

EssentialCare maintenance contract & supplementary service options

  • Get access to priority support
  • Rely on upfront replacements
  • Enjoy the peace-of-mind
  • Pay only for what you need

About EssentialCare for Entertainment

The show must go on! That's why all our products have been designed to survive the most challenging conditions, and innovative technologies such as laser light sources prolong their lifetimes. On top of this both fixed installations and the events business can benefit from a total modular service solution guaranteeing worry-free outcomes for all parties involved: BarcoCare.


EssentialCare offers support that upgrades and extends the standard warranty available on all Barco products. The service contract ensures you get priority treatment with reduced response times from the helpdesk and assured fast parts shipments

Supplementary service options 

  • on-site support: rely on an unlimited number of interventions with on-site technical assistance
  • preventive maintenance: benefit from a yearly visit to ensure your system is working at its top level
  • training: learn to diagnose and repair your unit
  • expert hotline: know that Barco product expert help is always within reach

Some service offerings may not be available in all regions. For availability of services in your country, please check with your Barco Sales representative

EssentialCare for Entertainment

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