This short interactive e-learning provides an overview of the new European Medical Device Regulation (MDR 2017/745) which will come into force in 2020

Barco’s distributors of medical devices, will be directly affected by this new Medical Device Regulation

This e-learning will provide details of the responsibilities and the actions needed in order to prepare for compliance with this new regulation and will draw attention to the particular points, that may require immediate action.

This regulation only applies to those who make Barco’s Medical Devices available on the EU market

Target Audience

Barco Partners: Barco customers who make our devices available on the EU market

Barco Employees: Barco Belgium Healthcare product management, marketing & sales, services and QARA employees




    To ensure Healthcare Distributors who make Barco’s medical Devices available on the EU market are aware of the new Medical Device regulation and the responsibilities and actions required to be compliant

    There is no certification on completion of this course; it may however be part of a program where you will be required to complete this e-learning/course to attain certification
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    Formato de formación: E-learning
    Duración: Approximately 10-15 minutes
    Precio: FOC
    Idioma hablado: en

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