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Audio-Technica & ClickShare

Audio-Technica Room Solutions for Barco ClickShare Conference

The optimal solution for conference rooms, boardrooms, courtrooms, and other meeting rooms where every person's speech transmission must be guaranteed. Simple setup is achieved through easy-to-use Web Remote and software applications. The ceiling mounted microphones allowing freedom of movement and speech intelligibility in one.

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Périphériques validés

Appareil Firmware du périphérique
Firmware de ClickShare Conference
Type de solution
Type Interopérabilité
ATDM-0604a 1.1.0 02.16 Room Devices DSP-Audio Compatible
ATDM-1012 2.2.0 02.16 Room Devices DSP-Audio Compatible
ATDM-1012DAN 2.2.0 02.16 Room Devices DSP-Audio Compatible
ATND1061DAN 1.0.4 02.16 Room Devices Speakerphone Compatible
ES954 1.0.0 02.16 Room Devices Speakerphone Compatible
ATDM-0604 2.0.0 02.16 Room Devices DSP-Audio End Of Life

Company Profile

Established in 1962 as a producer of handcrafted phono cartridges, Audio-Technica has grown to become a leading manufacturer of high-quality audio products for the consumer and professional markets. In addition to its line of high-performance cartridges, styli, and turntables, the company offers a full range of headphones, including truly wireless, sport, audiophile, gaming, and noise-cancelling models, along with a broad selection of microphones for professional and home studios, concert venues, and installed-sound applications.

Designed to bring high-quality audio to everyone, Audio-Technica products are prized for their legendary quality, consistent performance, and durability.

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