About ClickShare Partner solution areas and product types

Interoperability levels explained

Certified: These devices are validated to meet specified technical criteria (tested firmware is mentioned) through our partnership program by both Barco and the partner every time we release a firmware version. This is the list of devices that we actively support through our vendor partnerships and are the recommended devices to use in combination with ClickShare.

Compatible peripherals: These devices have been tested by our compatible partners (tested firmware is mentioned if info is available) and have been found to work. The compatibility of the devices will be tested from time to time.

  • In case the peripheral is not mentioned by name, there is still a great chance that it works since we support the generic USB standards, but no guarantee is given by Barco that these devices work perfectly or will continue to work in the future and will not be actively supported when issues arise.

  • Please note: Subscribing to the ClickShare products will send you alerts via mail about new documents, firmware releases and also updates to the list of supported peripheral devices. More info on how to subscribe can be found in [KB9816].

  • More information about the compatibility, capabilities, and restrictions of the ClickShare Conference system with third party peripherals can be found here: [KB11027]

  • Please note that devices which are no longer being marketed or sold by the alliance partner and are at the end of its lifecycle, will be moved to the 'End-of-life' category.

What different solution areas are there?


Each partner product is categorized as a product type within one of the following solution areas:

  • Room Devices

includes all audio-video peripherals, displays and other (room) hardware systems that can be connected to C-series/CX-series

  • Productivity Solutions

includes all productivity and workflow “software/applications” that run on C-series/CX-series

  • UC&C Solutions

Unified Communication and Conferencing platforms and services adding specific value or features to CX-series

  • Workplace Solutions

includes all offerings from partners designing innovative solutions for the workplace (furniture, 3D design software, display technology, …)

Room Devices

UC&C collaboration bar

all cameras (incl. e.g. document cameras) that can be connected to CX-series. We also include cameras that require a DSP-Audio-Video device. In this case, the dependency is noted in the remarks.


these are devices that include a microphone and speaker with echo-canceling (AEC) functionality. This type also includes microphones that require DSP-Audio or DSP-Audio-Video devices as well as microphones that have AEC built-in but require to connect to an external speaker.

Non-AEC solutions do not work with CX-series

UC&C Collaboration bar

This type is a combination of an “All-in-One USB Audio-Video Device” and a “UC&C Room System”. Collaboration bars can work as a room system by running the (MS Teams, Zoom, etc.) “room app” on the device, or can function as an All-in-one USB Audio-Video Device when configured or switched in “USB/Device mode”.

UC&C collaboration bar
UC&C Room system

These are Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or other UC/VC room systems that have an HDMI input for content sharing. Both C-series and CX-series can connect their HDMI output to this type of device.

DSP Audio

this type is typically a product that interfaces to discrete (connected or networked) microphones and speakers.

DSP Audio Video
DSP Audio-Video

this type is like a DSP-Audio but also includes (connected or networked) cameras and exposes itself as an integrated audio-video device to the CX-series.

Display touch
Display Touch

display with touch capabilities.

Display Audio video
Display Audio-Video

display with integrated camera and speakerphone. Remark: the speaker and mic of the speakerphone must all work over USB and have AEC capabilities. CX-series will not support e.g. microphone over USB and speaker over HDMI.

Display collaboration
Display Collaboration

a combination of Display-Touch and Display-Audio-Video. WCD (Windows Collaboration Display) falls in this category.

USB hub/switch
USB Adapter/Processor

other USB devices that e.g. adapt HDMI & others to USB, or process one or more video sources (with or without audio) and send the resulting video over USB. There is a huge diversity of devices and the specific intended use case should be carefully tested since many of these devices introduce substantial latency or cause other (unexpected) effects.

USB adapter
USB Hub/Switch

USB hubs and switches.

A/O bar
All-in-One USB Audio-Video device

this device type exposes itself as an integrated camera and speakerphone solution.

Productivity Solutions

Digital signage
Digital Signage

signage platform solutions that can be configured on C-series/CX-series running a “stream” on ClickShare when no content is shared.

Control Solutions

The Control Solutions area has the following product types:

Digital signage
ClickShare API Control

solutions that use the C-series/CX-series Rest API for control.

Control XMS
XMS Control

solutions that interface to XMS for control.

Workplace Solutions


solutions that include C-series/CX-series in their repository for room design purposes.


furniture solutions


specific technology solutions

UC&C Solutions

Digital signage

ClickShare Conference is agnostic and works seamlessly with all of the major platforms.

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