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Sennheiser Room Solutions for Barco ClickShare Conference

Make it easy to connect and collaborate with trusted solutions from Barco and Sennheiser. Create work and learning spaces where everyone is actively heard and seen for productive idea-sharing that’s effortless and engaging.  

ClickShare conference simplifies wireless collaboration, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience. Paired with Sennheiser's state-of-the-art microphone technology and all-in-one video bars, it creates organized and clutter-free environments, leading to impactful meeting experiences.

In the spotlight

Opening the door to productive collaboration 

Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Ceiling microphones and TeamConnect Bars energize the meeting experience with pristine audio and video capture. By utilizing automatic dynamic beamforming arrays and intelligent camera technology, these devices promote collaboration and equal participation for all participants. 

Used in conjunction with ClickShare, facilitating immersive and inclusive meetings becomes effortless. With its user-friendly operation, agnostic compatibility, and flexible deployment, ClickShare, partnered with Sennheiser, opens the door to productive and meaningful conversations.

Why combine ClickShare with Sennheiser?

Enhanced audio-visual experiences for better hybrid meetings

The combination of Barco ClickShare and Sennheiser solutions elevates the audio-visual experience in hybrid meetings. With AI-enhanced video features and Sennheiser’s automatic beamforming technology, participants can move freely around the meeting space, confident that they will be seen and heard. This technology, combined with Barco ClickShare’s simple and intuitive connectivity and content sharing, reinforces comprehension and boosts engagement in the meeting process.

Sennheiser Business Communication Solutions and ClickShare

Engaging meeting experiences for in-room and remote participants

Discover the combinations of Barco and Sennheiser solutions for your meeting rooms. All tested and fully compatible.

Take a look at the diagrams below to explore how to bring Barco and Sennheiser solutions to your meeting spaces. 

For further information on system design, always seek professional assistance and/or contact Sennheiser or Barco directly.

Meeting SpacesSmall meeting roomMedium meeting roomLarge meeting room
 Sennheiser-Barco_Infographics_TC_BAR_S.jpgInfographic TC Bar MTCC 2
Room SizeUp to 4 peopleUp to 10 people8 to 40 people
Barco ClickShare

ClickShare CX-20ClickShare CX-30ClickShare CX-50
Sennheiser Solution1 x TC Bar S1 x TC Bar MTCC 2*
Complementary ProductsCombine with the display of your choice.Combine with the displays of your choice.Combine with your preferred Barco Certified for ClickShare DSP, speakers, cameras and displays.

Périphériques validés

Appareil Firmware du périphérique
Firmware ClickShare
Type de solution
Type Interopérabilité
TeamConnect 6.0.4 02.19 Room Devices Speakerphone Certified
TeamConnect Bar M 0.9.23 02.19 Room Devices All-In-One USB Audio-Video Device Certified
TeamConnect Bar S 0.9.23 02.19 Room Devices All-In-One USB Audio-Video Device Certified
TeamConnect Ceiling 2 1.8.4 02.18 Room Devices Speakerphone Certified

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We live and breathe audio. We are driven by the passion to create audio solutions that make a difference. Building the future of audio and bringing remarkable sound experiences to our customers – this is what the Sennheiser brand has represented for more than 75 years. From everyday workspaces to lecture halls and conference venues to hybrid meeting environments, Sennheiser products deliver audibly better solutions designed to make collaboration and learning easier.

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