Projection mapping for the 50th ASEAN Day Celebrations

Ho Chi Minh City, VN - 2017

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations is a regional, intergovernmental organisation that represents ten Southeast Asian countries, encouraging international communication, cooperation, trade and growth across Asia and the Pacific region. Officially formed on 8 August 1967, ASEAN recently celebrated its 50th birthday.

Barco and our Vietnamese partner, Tran Linh Multimedia , banded together to celebrate the event, bringing the façade of the Ho Chi Minh People’s Committee Building to life with a bright colourful video mapping presentation. As the 120-year-old palace is decorated with elaborate frescoes, there was extensive 3D video mapping involved to ensure the images, ranging from flags to fireworks, were presented on the façade with pinpoint accuracy. Altogether, six Barco HDF-W26 projectors and a single Barco E2 Event Master Image Processor enabled Tran Linh Multimedia to display the video in state-of-the-art 4K resolution and deliver something truly unique and incredibly entertaining. We are proud that our HDF projectors could play a part in celebrating the 50th birthday of ASEAN. It was wonderful to acknowledge such a milestone with our partners and clients from across the region.

You can watch a recording of the projection here.

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