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USB Capture HDMI Gen 2

Magewell & ClickShare

Magewell Room Solutions for Barco ClickShare Conference

Magewell’s USB Capture devices significantly expand the ecosystem of high-quality video and audio sources that customers can use with ClickShare Conference. Many customers have significant investments in AV equipment that doesn't support USB connectivity, while others want the superior quality and creative flexibility that professional cameras can provide. Magewell devices enable plug-and-play compatibility between ClickShare Conference and a vast array of HDMI and SDI video sources such as higher-end cameras, as well as other non-USB video sources such as DVD players, document cameras, or additional computers. Users can now leverage these AV sources while enjoying wireless, hybrid meeting experiences.

Periferiche convalidate

Dispositivo Firmware
Firmware per ClickShare
di soluzione
Tipo Interoperabilità
USB Capture Gen 2 2.6.8257 02.17 Room Devices USB-Adapter/Processor Compatible

Company Profile

Magewell develops innovative hardware and software solutions for media capture, conversion and streaming. With guiding principles of continuous innovation and providing outstanding customer experiences, Magewell has earned a strong reputation for the exceptional simplicity, performance, affordability and reliability of its products. These attributes have made Magewell solutions the preferred choice of end-users, partners, and systems integrators for bringing high-quality AV signals into and out of AV-over-IP workflows and popular software for video conferencing, live streaming, lecture recording, medical imaging, digital signage and more. Magewell products are available globally through an extensive network of authorized channel partners.

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14th Floor, No. 62 Suyuan Avenue,
Jiangning Economic and Technological Development Zone Nanjing

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