Aramco's boardroom features ClickShare

Saudi Arabia - 2015

High-level meeting room deserves Barco technology

Some companies invariably set the tone. Whether it’s their building, production processes or marketing approach, they’re always slightly different, innovative and inspiring, so that it makes them stand out from the crowd.  Aramco, the Saudi-Arabian Oil Company, is such a company.  As a major customer of Barco’s, it decided to equip one of its key meeting rooms to the highest possible standards, selecting Barco equipment.

8x F35 projectors + ClickShare

The cooperation between Barco and Aramco goes back many, many years. The company is even home to the largest Barco video wall in the Middle East … Satisfied as they were with the Barco gear, they set up an eight-meter video wall in one of their most important meeting rooms, powered by eight full HD F35 7,500-lumen projectors (with edge blending). To further enhance productivity and interaction during the meetings, Aramco also installed Barco’s award-winning ClickShare presentation system.

Think Barco

“This really is one of the key companies in Saudi, which stands as a role model to many other Middle East businesses. Their meeting room is just another example of their constant quest to integrate the very best technology, in order to deliver the best possible results,” said Eric Brouwers, Vice President MEA. “We truly hope that the set-up will inspire other companies to ‘think Barco’ when equipping their meeting rooms.”

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