Barco in Brazil: Linha Amarela S/A (LAMSA) modernizes traffic management

Rio de Janeiro, BR - 2016

Linha Amarela S/A (LAMSA) is responsible for monitoring and optimizing traffic on Rio de Janeiro’s urban highways. True to its mission “Providing always the best way,” LAMSA is using the latest technologies to ensure safe, smooth travel in the region via a 20km expressway connecting districts and communities in the city, from Ilha do Fundao/Cidade Universitaria (Fundao Island/University City) to Barra da Tijuca.

A full service approach to traffic monitoring
LAMSA improved its Control Center using one state-of-the-art OCC for traffic control and another Security Center for toll plazas.  Beyond the 24/7 critical operation concerns, the visual systems were fully optimized by universal decoding capabilities of the existing hybrid and new IP-based Cameras (Pelco) and software (ISS VMS).

When it came time to make improvements and expand its monitoring and traffic management operations, the agency chose Barco based on its successful experiences on previous control room visualization projects. LAMSA selected the Barco OVL-815 rear projection LED video wall 80” modules, installing 4 x 2 and 2 x 1 arrays, respectively, to create a giant, common operational picture displaying all the regional traffic camera feeds. Barco provided complete installation, integration and training services.

Improving incident response time on busy highways
By seeing more, more clearly, LAMSA operators can quickly identify and analyze situations on the highways to take the most appropriate action within minutes.

The agency has been very pleased with the high image quality and robust performance of the Barco video walls, and is planning to undergo a technology upgrade of its control room operations for its Safety Management System Center and CGS.

LAMSA (Linha Amarela) will be operated by Concession up to 2037.

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