The Franklin Institute elevates visual excitement in historical museum

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US - 2016

The Franklin Institute is a family destination and beloved landmark in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, featuring the latest visual technology to spectacularly display its 12 permanent exhibit galleries. When it came time to upgrade the projection system for the rotunda, the Institute wanted a solution that could reduce the high cost of lamp replacement, totaling thousands of dollars annually. The solution: Barco laser phosphor projectors.
Illuminating a centerpiece with dynamic multimedia

Serving as the gateway to the museum’s exhibits, the rotunda houses the jewel in the crown of The Franklin Institute: the Benjamin Franklin National Memorial. Herein, multimedia displays surround a marble statue of Benjamin Franklin, projecting quotes and clips showcasing his many inventions and contributions to science. The highlight is “Ben Franklin Forever,” a 3.5-minute video presentation displayed on four of the rotunda walls, and now brightly illuminated with Barco’s PGWU-62L laser projectors.

Quality, reliability and cost effectiveness
Advanced AV orchestrated the transformation, selecting the Barco PGWU-62L laser phosphor projector as the perfect choice for its “overall picture quality, price, and 5-year extended warranty,” according to Advanced AV Account Manager, Tim Pickford. The new projectors feature state-of-the-art Barco laser illumination technology, which is the most cost-effective solution for long-running commercial applications. With the projectors running a solid 10 hours per day, The Franklin Institute is recognizing tens of thousands of dollars saved per year. 

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