NOS provides 360-degree view on current events with Barco

Hilversum, NL - 2017

NOS, the Dutch Broadcasting Foundation, has a reputation of excellence when it comes to covering current events in ways that are both thorough and comprehensible. As a journalistic institution, its goal is to inform Dutch citizens about news, sport and (inter)national events through programs like NOS Journaal, Nieuwsuur, NOS Studio Sport and NOS Jeugdjournaal.

Barco solution 

  • F90 projectors
  • X 1.6 LED tiles

Why Barco?

  • User-friendly
  • Cost-effective

A unique perspective
The abovementioned programs are all recorded in a single 360° décor equipped with the latest video and projection technology. “The main advantage is that the studio doesn’t have to be deconstructed and rebuilt in between programs,” says Rikkert Wulffraat, teamleader procurement and facilities at NOS. Characteristic for the studio are several big screens, which support the anchor’s stories with compelling images and infographics.

The projection technology has been installed by audiovisual integrator AVEX International, who chose 6 Barco F90 WUXGA projectors to illuminate the largest projection wall. In addition, two large, 1.6 mm curved LED displays have been installed. “This technology makes it possible to not only provide our audience with a unique perspective on current events — it also makes it easier and more cost-effective for the production team to do its job,” Rikkert adds.

images courtesy of NOS

This technology makes it easier and more cost-effective for the production team to do its job.

Rikkert Wulffraat

teamleader procurement and facilities at NOS

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