Glasses-free 3D projection show presents the 2,000-year history of the Maritime Silk Road

Shanghai, CN - 2018

The 55-meter-wide and 14-meter-high building served as the screen of the show.

Barco solution

  • HDF-W26
  • HDF-W30 FLEX

Why Barco?

  • Professional 3D Image
  • Controllable and measurable
  • An advising and consulting team

On 23 September 2017, the Shanghai Cruise Tourism Festival presented a 2-hour projection show with ‘glasses-free 3D’ lighting technology. Inspired by the theme of globalization, the spectacular show integrated Chinese and foreign cultures − including music, dance, traditional opera, and other Chinese and Western art forms − to review the past, present and future of the Maritime Silk Road. The amazing performance reverberated with audiences long after its ending.

Meeting all of the challenges

The 55-meter-wide and 14-meter-high building served as the screen of the show. In addition to presenting the creative content flawlessly, a number of technical challenges needed to be surmounted, including: geometric correction, merging & stitching, multi-layer overlaps, and more. In addition, the light show was not to cover the 770 m² projection surface entirely, as it also illuminated the live show.

Most important of all was controlling the accuracy of brightness and clarity. Nine Barco HDF series projectors − five HDF-W26 projectors (26,000 lumens), and four HDF-W30 FLEX projectors (30,000 lumens) − were deployed to meet all of the challenges. Professional 3D Image Interface DP1.2 and the lighting control station’s DMX512 Console Port were linked with the Dynamic Light Sculpture server to maximize the projectors’ performance.

Controlling every detail

Liu Wei, general manager of Shanghai ZHIGUANG Company, said that Barco HDF series projectors were chosen not only because the projectors’ parameters and functions guarantee excellent color and lighting, but also because the associated software ensures that every detail is controllable and measurable.

An advising and consulting team

Shi Wucun, the field director, added: “The Barco projectors have accomplished this mission with high stability and reliability, as well as with image effects of excellent quality, presenting a visual feast for visitors from all over the world. Barco is an advising and consulting team that can offer specialized products and holistic solutions. So, Barco is the most all-encompassing choice of all the major players.”

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