Barco UniSee at Disaster Status Control Center in Jeollanamdo, South Korea

Jeollanamdo, KR - 2018

The Jeollanamdo Provincial government in South Korea is the first Asian government office to install a 6x2 Barco UniSee LCD video wall in their Disaster Status Control Center. A beautiful ocean-side tourist destination surrounded by wide fields and mountains, the Jeollanamdo Province is a historic and heritage-rich area that also has strong energy and bio health industries, making it well situated to lead the way in innovative technological applications.

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Why Barco ?

  • Brightness
  • Ease of diagnosing and servicing 
  • Uniformity

With a large 6,100 kilometers coastline, almost 2000 islands and countless tidal flats, the area constantly needs to be aware of approaching typhoons, as well as monitor any other potential hazards or crises. The Disaster Status Control Center hence requires an extremely clear and bright video wall to monitor and control all the critical information that is submitted in real time, with content from PC’s or from web based applications to monitor the water level, camera data, weather forecasts, maps, video conferences, and more getting displayed. 

These crucial information sources are collected, collated and controlled with great speed. This allows for the necessary instant dissemination of accurate information and shortened response times which is crucial for critical decision making in saving lives in a coastal area.

The decision to install a Barco UniSee video wall in the control room is a clear indicator of the trust and confidence for Barco’s multiple award winning LCD video platform to succeed in such a mission critical 24/7 environment. The video wall selected had to offer a great viewing experience, be reliable and well designed for ease of use and maintenance. With UniSee View, UniSee Mount and UniSee Connect, Barco UniSee has the clear capabilities to make it a choice that the Jeollanamdo Province could depend upon.

Changwan Sun, a government employee in Jeollanamdo Province, said “Barco UniSee had the smallest seam and highest brightness, so is visually easy to read and work with. Plus Sense X, the automatic real time calibration results in perfect uniformity – inter and intra tile – which is exactly what a control center needs.”

Barco UniSee had the smallest seam and highest brightness, so is visually easy to read and work with.

Changwan Sun

a government employee in Jeollanamdo Province

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