Barco Projection mapping spruce up basketball matches at Funabashi Arena

Chiba, JP - 2021

Watching a match of the professional basketball team “Chiba Jets Funabashi”, in Japan's B League, is not just a regular sports experience. The “Funabashi Arena”, the home court of the team, has upped its game using Barco’s UDX projectors for entertaining projection mapping performances during its home matches.


  • UDX-4K40 projector - 2 Units


  • High-brightness images
  • Reduced workload when bringing in and installing equipment
  • Reduced cost by using a laser phosphor light source
  • Stable operation

The production company, Hearts Co., previously used a total of eight projectors made by other manufacturers. However, the feedback was not good. The heavy loads made the installation process complex and prolonged the set-up time. To eliminate these problems, Barco UDX projectors were installed. Delivering amazing video experiences, while still being compact, the UDX was exactly what the sports venue needed.

The project required only two projectors to project the images for these productions. The images can be projected using only a single UDX projector if necessary, but the company decided to install two. It adds extra brightness for a great viewing experience and when hiccups occur and one of the two equipment pieces is down, the projections can continue as prepared.

In 2019, Barco UDX projectors were used in about 30 games, earning appeal for the ability to put on projection mapping performances without any malfunctions or other issues, and the stable performances.

What appealed us about Barco is that we can put on projection mapping performances without the risk of 'any' malfunctions

Hirohito Yamamoto

CEO, Hearts Co., Ltd.

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