Colorful New Year's Eve: in Shougang Park

Beijing, CN - 2023

The Shougang Park, built in 1919, took on the successful closing ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games and is a new landmark of the city's revival. After renovation, it became a modern exhibition venue. On New Year's Eve, Shougang Park, the host of Beijing's New Year's countdown for the third consecutive year, set up an immersive experience with three-dimensional projection mapping scenes through the flexible use of 3D digital technology.

Barco Solutions

  • 24 × UDX-4K40

Key benefits:

  • Ultra-high lumen projection for wide-area, long-range coverage
  • Excellent resolution display, precise control of image details
  • Professional installation team service
  • Long-term stable operation effect

The theme of this light show is "Striving for a New Journey and Writing a New Chapter” and is brilliantly presented with the help of Barco projectors, which not only allows citizens and visitors to experience the rich atmosphere of New Year's Eve in an immersive way but also creates a new brand of night cultural tourism for the city.


It is a difficult challenge to present diverse scenes in a visually appealing way on the cooling tower with a projection area of 14,000 square meters. With a vast projection area and a projection distance of up to 260 meters, it not only requires projectors with the highest possible brightness to cover a large area over a long distance but also has demanding requirements on the projection effect.

The team did extensive evaluation of the actual brightness of the scene, the size of the image, and the viewing angle of the spectators. The projectors need to be "right on" to restore the accurate color on the one hand, and also need to have high resolution to display a clear image of the New Year’s countdown.

In addition, as the New Year's Eve light show is mainly carried out outdoors, the projection device has to face the installation challenges caused by wind influence and ensure long-term stable operation in a low-temperature environment.


Considering the requirements of covering a wide projection area and achieving long-distance projection, Beijing Guanghe Mengxiang Culture Media selected 24 × UDX-4K40 to complete the arduous imaging task after several on-site equipment tests.

Facing complex environmental conditions, the UDX-4K projectors with 40,000 lumens achieve illumination of 102 lux/m2 by the 5-layers overlay. It perfectly meets the need for excellent coverage of large projection areas in an ultra-long distance. And the constant light output ensures a consistent effect throughout the show.

The most used color in the New Year's celebration display is red. The Barco UDX is a two-color laser series projector of red and blue, with excellent expression of red color, and truly restores the projection mapping of the designer's original design. Also, it vividly presents the New Year countdown image based on accurately grasping the quality of 4K original material.

Faced with the challenges of working outdoors in the strong gale (level nine) and low temperatures of minus twelve degrees, Barco's UDX series keeps the projectors operating efficiently with ultra-high stability, showing the public the perfect image for a spectacular New Year's Eve.


With the superior performance of the projectors, Barco overcame the imaging difficulties caused by the vast projection area and long-distance projection. In the challenging outdoor environment, Barco's professional installation team set 24 Barco projectors at the optimal projection angle, allowing the content to achieve the best presentation effect, and creating a brilliant and dazzling New Year's Eve projection mapping show in Shougang Park.

Barco projectors helped us create a wonderful New Year's Eve with its outstanding product performance.

Li Yong

Beijing Guanghe Mengxiang Culture Media Co., Ltd.

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