Barco partners with Tsinghua University to unlock a new form of virtual reality research

Beijing, China - 2024

In 2023, Barco, using XCITE's whole process customization services, assisted Tsinghua University in establishing a new virtual simulation disaster emergency response laboratory. Five Barco UDX-4K32 projectors, reproduce realistic and delicate color images for users, while ensuring the stable 24/7 operation of the laboratory system, to create more value for the higher education and research industry.

Barco Solutions

  • 5 × UDX-4K32

  • Barco XCITE 

Key Benefits

  • Advance dual eye point, five-sided rear-projection CAVE system with 4K high resolution

  • Environmentally friendly, highly efficient, and cost-effective systems, providing high-value services for teaching and research

  • Barco customizes complete system solutions based on client needs, providing full-process services from design to installation


The new virtual simulation disaster emergency response laboratory is located at Tsinghua University's Changping Research Base.

This project, initiated by the National Emergency Command Committee, targets urban emergencies, flash floods, mine disasters, and other emergency scenarios. Using a realistic VR research system, it integrates emergency drills, data collection, analytical judgment, and professional assessment into the experimental platform, providing theoretical data support for emergency response plans, optimizing command and dispatch plans for decision-makers, and ensuring social and public security.

The laboratory, taking Barco's dual eye point, five-sided rear-projection CAVE system as the core, offers users a more realistic and efficient way of data visualization research and teaching, creating more possibilities for the higher education and research industry.



The laboratory occupies three floors of the teaching building, which presents strict and complex requirements for planning, design, and construction. The Barco team had to fully consider the impact of the on-site conditions and potential errors on the construction, save sufficient adjustability in the construction space, and formulate detailed and comprehensive installation plans and auxiliary equipment to ensure on-site construction safety and the quality of the laboratory's final product.

To ensure that users have an immersive teaching and research environment, the Barco team had to carefully consider how to minimize the spatial requirements of projection equipment and how to adopt appropriate technology. 



The project utilizes five Barco UDX-4K32 projectors to create an advanced dual eye point, five-sided rear-projection CAVE system.

The CAVE is made of five single panes of glass, with dimensions of 5m x 3.125m for the front, top, and floor screens, and 3.125m x 3.125m for the side screens. Barco minimizes spatial requirements through a mirror-reflection method, and the cave box utilizes glass assembly technology to ensure the integrity of the visual presentation.

Barco's 3-chip DLP technology, with 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) resolution and 37,500 lumens output, creates finely detailed, bright, and color-authentic images for users, 100% reproducing various emergency scenarios. Furthermore, Barco's Constant Light Output (CLO) function provides the system with consistent brightness and color for stable operation throughout the day.



Barco's XCITE customized immersive visual solution crafted for Tsinghua University, provides a one-stop service to create a virtual simulation disaster emergency response laboratory that combines practicality and innovation, serving as a model case for the higher education and research field. 

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