Barco's LED video wall and wireless presentation solutions helped Sato Holdings in adopting activity-based working

Tokyo, JP - 2021

Barco solution:

  • LED XT1.2 – 40 panels (8x5)
  • ImagePro-4K – 1 unit
  • ClickShare CS-100 – 21 units
  • ClickShare CSE-200 – 5 units

Key benefits:

  • High-definition picture quality
  • High brightness
  • Easy maintenance
  • Cable-free
  • Seamless collaboration

Sato Holdings’ new Tokyo office was opened in November 2020 as the headquarter office to support other offices around the world. The office is fully equipped with showrooms tailored to various markets and industries. Activity-based working or ABW work style has been adopted for the work space, enabling employees to freely select workspaces according to the work content, and various styles of furniture are installed to augment it.

The Barco LED XT-series video wall display has been installed in the office lobby as a corporate branding platform at the entrance to welcome visitors with bespoke branding display. A video showing Sato Holdings’ corporate vision is used as display content. The Barco LED XT 1.2 video wall was selected as a high-definition LED display that provides easy maintenance and is future-proof.

Barco's wireless presentation system ClickShare Present is installed in 5 large meeting rooms and in 21 medium-sized meeting rooms in the office. As ClickShare Present enables easy content sharing and toggling of screens between meeting users, it contributes to improved business outcomes, higher productivity and a holistic collaborative experience. ClickShare Present eliminates the need of additional connecting devices and a computer for sharing of content in each meeting room.

Thanks to Barco’s collaboration and visualization solutions, Sato Holdings is now enjoying the flexibility and better engagement in the workplace brought about by the move to ABW.

We wanted to install high-definition LED video wall display that does not become outdated and provides easy maintenance.

Hiroyuki Konuma

Director and Vice President, Sato Holdings Corporation

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