Pushing the boundaries of AI-driven immersive experience

Adelaide, AU - 2022

Founded in 2001, Novatech is a world-leading, full-service event hire and production company – a member of the global AV Alliance. As part of bringing Ouchhh Studio’s epic Wisdom of AI Light exhibition to life at the Illuminate Adelaide 2022, Novatech was entrusted with the supply and installation of all technical equipment to meet the requirements, and creation of the Illuminate Adelaide’s technical team, led by Jayden Sutherland. As a group, they chose to rely on Novatech’s long-standing alliance with Barco and leverage its innovative technology to create an immersive experience for the audiences.

Key benefits:

  • 4K pixel-perfect clarity
  • Ease of installation and configuration
  • Dependable technology for enduring performance
  • Ease of color calibration
  • Efficient after-sales support

Housed in a specially designed ‘Illuminate Pavilion,’ Wisdom of AI Light by Ouchhh Studio was an AI-driven multimedia projection that took viewers on an incredible journey through art and science from the Renaissance to the future. The customer needed world-class 4K projectors to stage the massive 360-degree canvas. Barco’s UDM-4K22 and UDX-4K32 projectors enabled Novatech to deliver an unforgettable experience by taking visual immersions to the next level.

Adding the ‘extra’ in ordinary with innovative visual equipment

“Compatibility was important as were reliability and consistency across all projectors to ensure a seamless solution both in color, resolution, quality and overall projection outcome,” says Ashley Gabriel, Director of Sales & Marketing at Novatech. With high-quality, 4K resolution and seamless color calibration, Barco projectors helped Novatech make this one-of-its kind exhibition a reality. Barco solutions were key in powering the 36-minute show, running for 12 hours a day, six days a week, for five weeks. Easy-to-install and configure, the solutions delivered an exceptional, larger-than-life visual experience, for crowds thronging every night. At the core of the canvas design were four disguise 4x4pro media servers, feeding the projectors that covered the length of the structure on all walls and floor. The customer also utilized new Barco TLD+ Ultra Short Throw lenses, fitted to every projector, to cover the canvas from the designated rigging points. Novatech’s Lightware UBEX hardware enabled signal distribution and L’Acoustics speakers powered the soundtrack, bringing forth an experience unlike before.

The phenomenal success of Wisdom of AI Light by Ouchhh Studio and Illuminate Pavilion testifies to how Barco solutions help customers build a breakthrough and create impact that matters.

We needed to trust and rely on a manufacturer like Barco to ensure this was able to be delivered. It's why we’ve been a long-time Barco user.

Ashley Gabriel

Director of Sales & Marketing at Novatech Creative Event Technology

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