2 jul. 2012

Extending the cinema experience: to the lobby and beyond!


Today’s theater patrons typically travel from the parking lot to the auditorium as quickly as possible, perhaps stopping briefly to grab popcorn, while remaining mostly oblivious to the space in between. However, industry insiders see the cinema lobby as a missed opportunity to connect and build loyalty with moviegoers. In a recent article, Barco execs urge exhibitors to maximize promotional and merchandising potential with captivating signage, second-screen (smartphone) marketing, and other techniques to make cinema a truly social experience.

Barco Digital Cinema’s Tim Sinnaeve, Market Director and Tom Bert, Product Marketing Manager explain that the goal is to strengthen customer rapport by engaging patrons from the moment they choose your location to well after they drive home. Exhibitors should immerse a moviegoer in an interactive experience, one that not only builds affinity with the theater, but also enables exhibitors to elicit valuable info about the customer which can be used in one-to-one marketing techniques. Barco describes use cases and enablers today that, when strategically designed and implemented, can drive this formula and lead to long-term customers.

Click here to read the complete article in the CineEurope issue of Film Journal International, discussing ways to enhance the cinema lobby experience.