11 sep. 2012

Barco digital cinema projectors help ensure an exceptional movie experience during 69th Venice Film Festival

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From 29 August thru’ to last Saturday, 8 September, the Italian city of Venice welcomed the world’s film industry professionals, film addicts and movie stars for the 69th Venice International Film Festival. During 11 days, over sixty feature films were shown on five screens. To ensure an exceptional film experience, Barco partner Cinemeccanica installed ten Barco digital cinema projectors.


Cinemeccanica Italy, who had been working for the film festival in the past, was proud to be the Main Technical Sponsor of the 2012 Festival. Its dedicated team offered technical consulting and installed the Barco digital cinema projectors. A range of different DCI-compliant projectors were used: one DP2K-12C, one DP2K-23B and three DP2K-15C Barco projectors, as well as two DPC80-4K and three DPC80-4K Cinemeccanica projectors, which are based on Barco technology. All the projectors were managed by Cinecloud servers.

“It was a great edition of the Festival, with 140 DCP managed and over 400 digital projections,” said Pier Carlo Ottoni, Sales and Marketing Director at Cinemeccanica enthusiastically. “All the directors were satisfied about the services we offered. The spectators, from their part, were impressed by the high quality of the images delivered by the Barco projectors. During the event, it again struck me how the Barco products still remain the best solution for cinema, because they faithfully reproduce the original idea of the filmmaker and of the director of photography.”

Organized by La Biennale di Venezia, the Venice Film Festival is one of the oldest and most prestigious film festivals in the world. Each year, it features international debuts of avant-garde films vying for attention with new Hollywood blockbusters. This effectively makes the festival one of the earliest predictors of winners for other film top awards worldwide, including the Oscars. This year, the official selection included 60 films. During the closing ceremony on Saturday night, Kim Ki-duk was awarded the prestigious Leone d'Oro.