17 sep. 2012

Barco RLM-W6 projectors take visitors on a digital trip around the world anno 1541

1 min om te lezen

Mercator Digital, a prestigious exhibit to commemorate the 500th birthday of cartographer Gerardus Mercator, recently closed its doors, after six successful months. Barco and its partner Maverick ICS were proud sponsors of the events. The Barco RLM-W6 projectors delivered such crystal-clear images that they will now move permanently to the existing Mercator Museum.


The mapping technique of Gerardus Mercator, born back in 1512, literally changed the way people look at the world. In honor of this innovator, the city of Sint-Niklaas (Belgium) set up a digitally animated exhibition, which opened in March this year. Computer animations, video coverage, interactive touch screens and digital projections were used to transport Mercator’s life and work into the 21st century.

In Kiosk 1 of the exhibition, visitors were invited to travel around the globe in the 16th century. Barco partner Maverick ICS helped work out the Kiosk’s media design and suggested installing Barco RLM-W6 projectors for hi-tech visualization. “The projectors are exceptionally silent and bright, which makes them ideal for use in large exhibitions. Their energy-efficiency is an extra asset,” said Johan Schelfhout of Maverick ICS. Ward Bohé, curator of the temporary expo added: “The Barco projectors have proven their quality and reliability every day. Maverick, for its part, offered great support, 24/7.”

Ward Bohé and his team were so satisfied with the Barco systems that they will permanently use them in the existing Mercator Museum, which will be fully digitalized in the near future. Parts of the exhibit will be shipped to museums around the world, amongst them the Scheepvaartmuseum (National Maritime Museum) in Amsterdam.