13 mrt. 2013

“Nexxis will help us focus on patient care instead of technical issues”


Robert Elfrink, medical physicist at the Elkerliek hospital (the Netherlands), is convinced that Barco’s Nexxis for the digital Operating Room (OR) will help enhance the workflow at the hospital’s new operating theater. A rapidly growing number of hospitals in Belgium and Luxemburg agree with Elfrink and have understood the powerful features of Barco’s IP-centric solution for video and image management and distribution. The solution has been set up in several ORs already and over 70 ORs have committed to installing Nexxis in the coming months.


Barco’s Nexxis integrated OR solution sets itself apart from other systems by its IP network-centricity. While in traditional OR integration solutions, AV systems connect devices like endoscopy cameras, computers, scanners and surgical displays, Nexxis uses a high bandwidth 10 Gbps IP network to integrate surgical equipment. This unique approach ensures high-quality imaging and enables a smooth distribution of uncompressed medical video, graphics, audio and computer data throughout the OR with near-zero latency.

“Nexxis clearly meets the imaging needs of today’s increasingly complex operating environments. We are pleased to see how today, hardly a year after its launch, our digital OR is quickly making inroads into European hospitals,” says Johan Stockman, VP Strategic Marketing Surgical Imaging at Barco. “The first implementations in Belgium and the Netherlands are a clear sign that a European breakthrough is imminent.”